February 18th, 2003



Man, two straight days of mood swing and headache...am I glad to see the ass end of THAT. After passing out on the couch and sleeping all friggin' afternoon yesterday, things finally started to clear up. That led to a pretty decent evening, and a slow easy night. Also managed to get some snuggle time in this morning. Due to my shouldr being so fucked up, I cannot lay on it, and it makes it hard to really snuggle up for long, luckily, when Di got up in the middle of the night to hit the head, I woke up enough to move over, so she'd be on the other side of me. Best couple hours of sleep I've had in a while.

Anyway, on into the day. Hey, if you get a chance, feel free to tell me what you really think of me, I'm quasi-curious. Go on, let me have it, I can take it.
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    Velevet Acid Christ - Hypersphere (MDMA)


OK, so I'm listening to bad eighties tunage...sue me.

Getting time to clean out the ol' mp3 vault...time to get rid of some stuff I almost always skip over, like early Leonard Cohen.
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    Scandal - The Warrior
Burn The World

Letter Writing

Decided it was time to catch up on my contacts. I have this nasty tendency to know I need to write someone, but I think 'I'll do it tomorrow', and then that tomorrow gets extended for long periods.

Let's see, I just managed to write my Dad, erotocism, 01flux, Mick, and Dori. My hands are hurting, but I was glad to do it...hmmm...hold on...

Damn, Dori's e-mail is no longer any good. Well, shit. Hopefully, she'll mail me sometime, so I have the new one. I miss me some Dori.

Anyway, that is more than enough typing for the time being. In fact, i dunno why I'm doing this post...guess I'm just on a roll.
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Blunt Truth Results

Well, so far, I get the feeling I should have a higher opinion of myself, since several of you think better of me than I do...which is kinda funny, since I'm running the middle ground of being conceited as well...but that's no surprise, i guess...I do act that way about some things. No denying it. *LOL*

Just funny, that's all, but thanks to all who take a few minutes to answer it.