February 23rd, 2003


Faking The Breakfast Funk

Now, you all know that I like breakfast. Don't actually eat it as much anymore, but I'm a Southern Boy(TM) at heart, I love me some big breakfast. Buit that means it has to be done right. None of this fake breakfast shit for me, baby. Hell, half the time I make my own big 'breffas', and anyone around me eats pretty well. Go ahead, ask anyone I've made breakfast for...go ahead, I'll wait. Told ya, didn't they?

That in mind, I see Swanson is doing 'Hungry Man' breakfasts now. Hmmm...well, they tend to make TV dinners that are better than most, so I MIGHT have given them a chance on this (though I doubt it). However, after reading this article (which is a fuckin' scream), I'll pass. Actually, it's not so much that the food looks scary (I'm used to that in TV dinners, I've eaten a few), it's the fact that the nutritional panel actually admits to having 231% of the RDA of cholesterol. I know, I know, the nutritional label is just another advert, but still...DAMN.

No faking the funk, y'all. Do yo' breffas right or sit down.