February 28th, 2003


Someone Has To Pay

OK, this is not a morning that I would classify as "going well". First off, I'm roused from one of the most vivid, interesting, and non-nightmare dreams I've had in forever by the phone ringing. Add to that, I was sleeping on my stomach, so my neck and shoulders immediately screamed their dissent at the body's decision to attempt to get vertical without first changing position (fucking christ, I'll feel this one all day). Then, the phone, upon answering it, not that I knew what the question was, proceeds to merely beep in my ear...Apparently, I was called by a computer at 6:45am, simply because it was lonely.

Well, shit, the shock of awakening that suddenly and sharply ensured that all systems were on overdrive, so I managed to shut down the warning klaxons from the Red Alert, only to discover that sleep was no longer in the building. OK, I think, might as well just start the morning ritual early, no biggie. Lean over to turn on the lamp (my head is directly above it), and the lightbulb blows out. Ever noticed how a dying lightbulb never just fades, it goes out in a blaze of glory, a "blinding" flash, as it were? Well, one of my eyes sure got a good close look at it...at least it was my bad eye (the other is just a problem, but not malicious).

All this before 7am. Man, this doesn't bode well. The only plus is that it appears my DVDs of Friday the 13th 3 and 4 may have come in...gotta wait for the office to open to find out, though.
City On Fire

Movie Review

The Rules Of Attraction: Hmmm...well, this was an interesting one. It is based on the latest book by Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho), who writes interesting (if slightly hard to read sometimes) books, but who doesn't seem to translate well to the screen. This struck me a lot like 'Less Than Zero (the movie) for the modern day, with considerably less drugs and considerably more sex.

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Overall: not what I'd immediately recommend to everyone, unless, as I said, you like Ellis's work already, or you just want to see a bunch of college partying (the 'Dressed To Get Screwed' party, in particular...man, where were these parties when *I* was in college?). Sure, I liked it, but take that with a grain of salt. You alternately feel sorry for these characters and then hate them, off and on...or at least, you stop feeling sorry for them, seeing how they bring a lot of this on themselves. Still, I think that's part of what makes the film worth it.
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OK, my day just popped right back up into the green zone. Thanks to a link I saw in hasturcubed's journal, I discovered that they are starting work on a PC game of 'Temple Of Elemental Evil'. After glancing through concept art, I'm already mega-stoked...now, the waiting begins.

At least 'Dark Corners Of The Earth' should be released soon.
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Burn The World


OK, cool...for such a crappy opening, the theatre of my day is definitely becoming more interesting as I swing into the second act. Not only did my DVDs come in (know what I'm doing this afternoon, fer sher) a week and a half ahead of the projected delivery date, but apparently my new glasses also have arrived a week and a half ahead of schedule. So, will grab them this afternoon...pix perhaps, later.

Speaking of new looks...
Poll #107307 Gimme A Head With Hair

You Think I Should Dye My Hair Purple Again?

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Not in this lifetime.


Man, getting used to new galsses is a bitch...especially when it's been this long since I HAD new glasses (I'm talking something like 4-5 years). Still, I like them, and they will help (Hell, my Warblade score just doubled).

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