March 5th, 2003

Burn The World

Fuck You And The Instant Messenger You Rode In On

I don't mind random IM's, really. HOWEVER....

1. Don't use stupid-speak. This means don't use "u" for "you" or "r" for "are". Use puncuation, and make complete sentences.
2. If YOU popped up on ME, then have the goddamn common decency to keep speaking. Dopn't say hello, ask my name, and then take 15 minutes to respond again.
3. Don't immediately ask me to teach you 'computers'.

After the schmoe that apparently added me last night popped up on me tonight and broke ALL these rules (how hard is it to understand the concept of 'digital art' in this day and age, especially if you already know how to deal with the internet?), it was time to block his sorry ass. After the production that THAT turned out to be, I'm reminded of why I like Trillian and hate having shitloads of other IM software. Don't ask...just accept that it was annoying.

I'd complain that I could have been in bed by now if it weren't for that...but then, i stopped to post about it, so it must not be TOO much of an inconvenience.

Night all!

I Hate Reading The News, Sometimes

Harping On Dubya: I'm sorry...I try not to harp on Shrub, really I do...but he makes it so damn easy.

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Tax Cuts: Well, it's always a nice thing to hear, right? That taxes are to be cut? Sure! And just as soon as you are a foreigner betting on an American horse race, or the maker of a particular fishing tackle box, or the manager of a company that sells diluted diesel fuel, you'll get it.