March 8th, 2003


Shout Outs

Haven't even looked over my lists in a while, so I wanna shout a welcome to salixbabilonica, who reads the workbook now...Yo!

Also, if I didn't do it before ( and I think I didn't), gotta send a word out to my newest frined, the mage savrille! Woo!
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Oh, Mever Mind.

I had a post last night, about 3 am, but the databases were unavailable to take the post, so I said to hell widdit. Wasn't much anyway, just a note that I'm trying to get back on my 4-hour sleep plan, and that I might do a little dieting in the near future...could stand to bring the gut under a little better control.

As if you all wanted to know that.

As a couple side notes:
multi_jinx: just remember, don't let nothing become something.
velvetacidgrrrl: sounds like it will be only a minor setback, and that's not bad...lemme know what happens.
delilahbowie: I'm always here, anyitme you need me...whether that be to vent, for validation, or anything.
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