March 12th, 2003


"Political Arena" - Can I Get In With A Sword?

"This is a mess," said one diplomat. "Nobody knows exactly what is going on. We have been talking, but have no idea what the Americans are thinking."

THIS is what really burns me up about global politics. I'M an American, but I have absolutely nothing to do with this whole stupid fuckin' situation. Regardless, I get lumped into comments like this, and I take the bullshit from foreigners who don't like what my country did, etc. We need to just take all these power-mongering politicians, from all the damn countries, and stick them all on an island somewhere, and let them battle it out with sticks for a few square feet of beach sand.

Ever noticed that? The ones that cause the biggest stink are usually the ones LEAST fit for combat? Dammit, if I'm going to war, gimme a leader that an wield a sword. Dubya looks like he couldn't wield a Spork.

In other political bullshit-o-rama, Bush has decided that he isn't going to publish the annual report called "Budget Information for States" -- the primary federal document reporting how much states get under each federal program. State representatives are, obviously, not happy about this, as federal funding to states has been dropping, and now they have no comparisons. Administration officials claim the info will still be available, they are just cutting down on paper costs. They do not, however, go into detail about hos much lower state funding is than what Dubya claimed it was going to be.

Protesting the war is, at this point, a moot point, it seems. TUrkish troops are massing at the Iraqi border, and if things get heated, we'd get involved, for the oil situation if nothing else. Speaking of oil, it's interesting to note that American and British oil companies would be the beneficiaries of a successful srike in Iraq. This isn't any surprise, really, but it does make more sense than 'America doesn't like what you are doing". Also interesting to note that one more reason why Russia isn't supporting the US strike on Iraq (according to yesterday's Wall Street Journal) is the fact that The Motherland is bursting with oil revenues nowadays and financially speaking is doing well enough that it doesn't need to kowtow to the U.S. anymore.

Yep. Back to the oil. It's all back down to pure, greedy capitalism. Hey, I'm all for making a buck, but this is insanity...and speaking of insanity, a New York Times poll resulted in answers showing that:
~ 44 percent said the United States should take military action against Iraq soon
~ 55 percent of respondents in the latest poll would support an American invasion of Iraq, even if it was in defiance of a vote of the Security Council
~ 35 percent disapprove of how Mr. Bush is handing the situation with North Korea
~ 45 percent believe that their president enjoys the respect of world leaders (dropped from 67 percent in the space of a year)
Depressing numbers. Even more depressing to think that over half think we should do this in defiance of the Security Council...christ, are they schizophrenic?
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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

On a lark, I've been looking over, our "government's" helpful resource site to prepare you for upcoming conflict.

Christ...I love how nice and nonchalant these plans and instructiuons are, especially the wonderfully non-helpful illustrations. I'm reminded of Fight Club, and the airplane safety cards. They are just so pointless, only good for their comedic value. For more comedy, though, I love what has been done with the pix, changing the captions to more apppropriate ones.

Bon Mot

Isaac and I debating Bush's methods, earlier:

discordian: It hurts me to say it, because.. believe me. I agree with you. Shrub is an idiot.
discordian: But I think he's got this one right on the money.
archmage: I'm not debating that the final action is the right thing to do
archmage: I'm just saying the methods are wrong
discordian: He's found the G-spot, and the world's about to shoot one monster, silky-black load.
archmage: ok, THAT was a scary analogy
discordian: The masses are nothing but cogs in the machine. The economy got a little boost and started a slow climb as soon as the war talks started.
archmage: But those cogs ARE the machine
archmage: (I can't believe I'm talking to a Russian, and *I* sound like the communist)
discordian: *LMAO*
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