March 13th, 2003


These Are Days

Managed to gain a new convert to the cause...after getting babyinga to listen to some Thickets tunes, she's hooked. Also had redheadevilchiq over last night to show her 'The Ring', which she absolutely loved. A good coupla hours of chatting and babbling and picture watching and joking, etc., followed...ah,and she gave me a copy of the epilogue to 'From Hell' (the original comics), which rocked! THANK YOU!!!
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    After The Fire - Der Kommissar

British Vs. American Troops - The Difference

The LA Times did some reporting on those British troops everyone's wrangling about:

Differences abound between the U.S. and British facilities, everything from military protocol to cuisine and entertainment. Lunch on the Argus recently was fresh oxtail soup, braised sausage and onions, and a Gainsborough tart. Entertainment in the evening was the Monty Python movie "Life of Brian." There is a fully stocked bar in the officers' wardroom--U.S. ships are dry--and detailed rules about who can drink what and when.

There is clearly less saluting than on U.S. ships. And though women make up about 40% of the crew, female pinup calendars are permitted in public spaces--something strictly forbidden on American ships.