March 18th, 2003



OK, time for me to travel again. For anyone who claims friendship with me in Seattle, here's advance notice of my arrival. The plan at this point is thus:

Saturday: head up that-a-way around mid-day (maybe earlier), get there middle of the afternoon. Planning on checking into our place of crashing, then heading up to Bellingham to "drop" in at the Black Drop. Don't have a specific time for that yet, but shall post more later, figure late afternoon. Returning to Seattle to have a drink or eight at the Bad Juju, and, as usual, would love to have anyone come out to have one with me. Anything later that night will be played by ear.

Sunday, I'm hoping to be hanging out with dravengodvamp and velvetacidgrrrl. I wanna go up to Bruce and Brandon Lee's gravesites for a couple pictures, and hang out for a while, and also hoping to drop in on rayce for a little bit before heading out for home.

So that's it. No photoshoots this time, nothing to get in the way. Hope to see you guys!
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Martial Arts Humour

As a former black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I thought this was a riot...admittedly, most of you might not get it, but can't say I didn't try.

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Nailing Down Seattle Plans

Well, as the economy slips further and further into Hell, Di's job laid off more people, and cut 4 hours from most of the remaining employees. Also, they won't cash in any vacation time right now, which nixed some of the cash that we were gonna have for the trip. This won't cancel it, but it does mean that getting a hotel for the night that we are there is now an extravagance that we really should skip. Much thanks to rayce, though, who offered to put us up for the night, which is entirely too nice. You rock, babe!

So, B'ham, the Black Drop, and friends thereabouts on Saturday afternoon, hang out with Rayce Saturday night, Sunday hang out with Draven and Chamblin and hit the gravesites. Would also love to see superfledermaus and planetnikita if we can convince them to come off the island (*hint hint*)...maybe lunch Sunday? Actually, I'd love to see how many people we could get together for lunch Sunday.