March 19th, 2003



Di came home at 10 today, sick as a fuckin' dog. I thought she might; she was starting to feel less-than-hip last night. So, that means I'll be taking care of her today. Still, better that she's sick now and gets over it by the time we are supposed to go roadtripping.

Of course, every time we go to Seattle, *I* am if she gives this to me, and I'm sick for the trip, it'll just be poetic.
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Huh? Title?

According to the law in Tropea, Italy, no women who are "fat, ugly, or generally unattractive will be allowed to remove all of their clothing and lie naked" on the beaches; only "young women who are capable of exalting the beauty of the female body" are allowed.

Burn The World

New Look

If you haven't tried out the betatest of LJ's new look, I recommend doing so. A lot of the scripting has been changed over to CSS, so the site works faster, and frankly, I think it looks a lot cleaner. Check it out here, and as you'll see, you can turn it off and go back to 'normal', if it drives you nuts...doesn't hurt a thing.
Burn The World

Global Ass-Kicking

OK, yes, we're at war. You know, I'm glad I don't have any sort of TV connection, to have to deal with the hype...hell, I don't even have to watch TV, I have LJ. Anything major happens, there'll be a good fifty-some posts about it, at least.

Now, as discordian and I discussed recently, I don't necessarily support the war as the right thing to do. However, it's going on now, and all the rhetoric and disagreement isn't going to change a thing. So, regardless of anything else, I do want to say that, personal attitudes about the war itself aside, I DO support our soldiers over there, and hope that this comes to a close as quickly as possible, and that they come home safely.

Rock On, Guys and Gals.
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Fun Spam

OK, I admit it...every now and then, I get some spam that is just too good sounding NOT to click on. Needless to say, with a subject line like "Naked Dwarf Tossing", I just gotta know.

Inside, I'm given a link with the line "MIDGETS DOING REALLY WEIRD $HIT -- NAKED DWARF TOSSING -- FREAKY WEIRD NUDE CARNIVAL -- FATTYS FREAKIEST FINGERLESS". I have a morbid fascination with freaks and deformity, so I couldn't stop myself from clicking it.

Dammit, I get there and am told "This account has been terminated for a violation of our terms and conditions, we apologize for any inconvenience." Fuckers...

Oh well, that'll teach me...NOT.