March 20th, 2003


Conspiracy Theory Du Jour

With all the war crap going on, it was time to go indulging in one of my favorite time-wasters...creepy conspiracy shit. Hmmm...what to look up tonight...

Well, the 'freak thing' from my earlier post was a good start, but I needed something meatier. I've been back on my Illuminati kick lately, so let's go with that...ah, Denver International Airport.

For those who don't know, there's a lot of whacky shit going on with DIA. Some really scary murals (some of which have been painted over now), miles of unused land, underground complexes, fenced in areas separated by barbed wire (placed as if to keep things IN), miles of tunnels with no apparent purpose, and claims of off-limit areas due to "unidentified biological fungus", just to name a few. Lots of theories as to WHY this place was built the way it was, and lots of claims of people too freaked out by what they have seen to ever be able to talk about it.

As with most of these sorts of theories, there's also lots of the REAL nutjobs out there that add in their theories of the Nazi Rebirth, Reptilian Take-Over, and UFOs, and as a result, it gets written off as bullshit. But weed out the idiocy, and there's still plenty of things that make no kind of battlefield.

I'm not gonna ramble on about it...this is my hobby, not yours. However, should you be just interested enough to read up on it, the best info I found tonight can be found here.

Enjoy your's good for you.
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