April 19th, 2003

Burn The World

Nothing Like Friends

Ended up going out to a brewpub tonight, since delilahbowie said she was buying the beer. I heard jahnji might show up, which was a plus, but little did I know the crowd that made it. polarbear greeted me as we walked up, and royhuggins came after he got off work, as well as Rachel's roomies and a couple other friends. All in all, a good sized group, and much laughter and good times were had. Michael got a couple good pix with his new phone, which was officially dubbed 'geek porn', so hopefully will have new pix to share tomorrow. All in all, an extremely enjoyable evening, hanging out with my friends, which I just don't get to do enough. We did start planning the next 'bad movie' night, and more than one good idea for pictures was bandied about, so it was an all around success

Only down side was some guy (which I thought was a friend of Rachel's, at first), who just sorta sat down with us, and was a pathetic human waste...luckily, he left after a while of being ignored, which is when we discovered he wasn't known to anyone there.

Rachel gave me a figure of 'Evil Ash' (from Army of Darkness) that she had received but didn't want, so not only did I get free beer all night, I got an addition to my figure collection...she rocks.

Not A Recent Pic, But A Cool One
This is not a recent pic, but it's still a fun one...and Rachel wanted to see it again.
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