April 20th, 2003

Worship Chaos

Yay, Woo

It's Easter, so they tell me. How in the Hell we got from a day that supposedly is significant of the resurrection of a famous holy man (this of course, coming a few days after the fact that he died, a day referred to as "good" Friday, figure THAT one out.,..those wacky christians...), to a day that is celebrated by kids running around looking for painted chicken fetuses and eating too much sugar...Wacky, I tell you, just plain wacky.

Speaking of which, why do you say something is 'out of whack'? How often do you see something that is "in whack"? ;)

We're headed out to Di's parents' place today with Bug, for Easter and all. Me, I'm just looking forward to eating well. Past that I couldn't care less.
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    Luxt - Matthew 10-12