April 22nd, 2003


Some Days Are Best When Finished

Wow, long evening...and not much happened. Mostly, it was just a situation with a certain pouty 7-year old who didn't want to eat his dinner, and then whined about it, attempted to cry, and even tried wheeling and dealing, until an hour had passed, and he was just told that bedtime was coming a tad early this evening, with no stories.

What can I say, he had every chance, and he knew the consequences. Hated that it was done, and I talked to him a little before bed, but them's the breaks. Sometimes, to be a parent, you gotta be the bad guy.

Got it out of my system by beating Di at Scrabble. Man, it's just wrong to draw the 'Q', finally get rid of it only to draw the 'Z', and finally get rid of THAT only to draw the 'X'. Thank Goddess I earned my nickname of 'Wordy Bastard' a long time ago..."quit" and "zen" mnay not have gotten me too much, but "elixir" on triple word score is a game breaker. ;)

Oh, for anyone that was a fan of the band 'Jack Off Jill': Robin Moulder, who is now working with annathema667 on the band "TCR", just had a baby girl today! She and hubby Colin are quite happy, obviously, as I am for them!
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That's what I get for getting to bed earlier than normal...strange dreams, and then shocked awake by some sound from a deeply sleeping Di that apparently scared the socks offa me. Ugh...gonna try and go back to sleep...
Burn The World

Today's Ass-Kickin' News

...is brought to you today by my fellow "I don't funkin' think so" bro', stig_mata:

Ministers upset that they no longer get free golfing, claim it smacks of racism -- Racism? Because you have to pay your greens fees just like everyone else? That you have to pay for the privelege of hitting a little white ball around a huge chunk of land that could be much better used? Fuck you, God-boy.

Oklahoma sticks it to PETA, hits them with anti-eco-terrorist laws -- It's actually more general than just PETA, much more encompassing, but they did mention it was groups like that which they are targeting. Booyah!

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell says fast-food obesity lawsuits are stupid -- This guy gets my cool award for the day, for having the balls to say that this shit has got to stop. He says, quote, "they promote a culture of victimhood and jettison the principle of personal responsibility." Rock on, Senator.
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Imps! To Battle!

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Well, There Are Pluses And There Are Minuses

On a down note, I got some news this morning that didn't make me happy. It DID explain some things that happened a few years ago, at a low point in my life, I was bothered to discover it, but it bothers me that I'm bothered by it, since it was so long ago. Still, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it, but it does lower my opinion of someone.

On a good note, though, I found that I should be getting paid for the recent contract and the previous one within a few days...awww yeah!

On another good note, I just got a wonderful unexpected compliment from poisonous_vine....:)
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