May 1st, 2003


Me Like New People - *Grunt*

Completely by accident, I ended up in contact with an old bud from EarthLink today, who apprently found an AIM buddy list on an old computer, and thought my SN might be necrobutcher. Total accident, but it led to me being back in contact with strangewink, so it's a happy accident. Besides, I'll take all the friends I can get down this-a-way.

Speaking of random whackiness, I wanna welcome taloola to the Land of High Weirdness, who came over this-a-way on the recommendation of, I'm being pimped out now. Cool.

In other news, I seem to be using the colloquialism "this-a-way" a lot today. I can't decide if this is better or worse than the day I couldn't stop saying "yikes".

Death Bunny says "Hi" to everyone.
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Yeah, I spoke against Bush. Still do, in fact. I still say that things could have been handled differently, and perhaps war avoided. However, I will happily admit that for however goofy he may seem, he did do quite a number on Iraq. Mostly, I wonder how the swelled heads of Hollywood who went so far out of their way to bitch publicly about it are feeling. People like Jeaneane Garofalo, who suddenly got quiet when it seemed like her promise to apologize might have to become a reality. People like George Clooney, and Barbara Streisand, and the rest fo the yahoos.

There are some great people in Hollywood, I'm quite certain. unfortunately, it's babbling bobbleheads like these that give the group a bad name.