May 2nd, 2003


Who Fucking Cares?

British Scientists Say Fish DO Feel Pain

Yes, that's right, boils and ghouls...THIS is what scientists are working on. Not the cures for cancer, or plague, not how to irrigate land and make arable farm fields for starving countries, not trying to raise the education standards of the world and just maybe help us all get a little more enlightened and bring us one step closer to getting off this rock, but studying to see whether FISH actually feel PAIN.

Was there really any doubt? This is a living, breathing, intelligent creature, with skin, and organs, and whatnot. Basic biology and evolution tells us that it will feel pain. Did we NEED to waste time and money on this study? Of course not...but it was easier to do than the IMPORTANT ones, so someone had to do it, so they could get their grant money, buy a new Porsche and a beach house in Tahiti, and publish a paper or something. You cannot, CANNOT tell me that this study really took all that much cash to perform.

Curious as to whether an animal feels pain? Kick it, you'll have your answer; case closed, move on. No, I'm not advocating kicking an animal, I'm making a point. And let's not forget that of course PETA had to use this info to rank on fishermen. As if they are sitting in the boat, drinking a beer, baiting the hook, and saying to each other "You know, maybe this isn't nice...I bet that hook in the mouth really hurts these fish. Let's get outta here, I'll cook us up some nice soyburgers." Sorry, but the pain of the fish is the LAST thing on a fisherman's well it should be.

Welcome to the food chain, motherfuckers. You're at the top, get used to it.

Outta Here

It's been a long time since I had to ban someone (not since my little annoyance wars with cyanblaze and my apparent attraction of hate-monger antisense, both of which came back with multiple usernames). But, this short but distinguished list was joined today by this latest jackass, tonygumbrell, who has taken it upon himself to start responding to my posts with either a smartassed remark of no relevance, or a rambling invective that also doesn't help.

Now, even with this, I wasn't going to ban him...not my style; I'd rather get them to attempt to support their point, and end up letting them make themselves look like a jackass in public. However, he doesn't seem to want to even try the gentle art of conversation, and would not respond back to fact, his journal has never been updated, EVER, just used to comment elsewhere (created 1-1-2003, updated never, comments made: 129). In the immortal words of Bea Arthur: "Oh, a bullshit artist!"

I don't care what you say...I'm a big boy, I can take it. But if you are only here to feel suporior by making useless comments, then go do it somewhere else, I'm not interested in feeding your pathetic little hiding-behind-the-Net ego. Ciao, bella.
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Burn The World

Work Work Work

Looks like I'l be starting to work on battygoth's 'Voluptuary Designs' website this coming week, and the revival of the horrordrunx website is still in the shadows. Cooooool.

I know I owe some of you icons. blueski and melraz, I have ideas for yours in the pipe right now. redheadevilchiq, we should talk about yours tonight. And corachaos, I'm still playing with some banner ideas for you.

Feels good to be using what I'm good at to make people smile.
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Comic Noir

I dream in the dark tidals -- pools of greed where unquenchable appetites shape the churning endless waves into a vortex of delirium and hatred...where love is a possession and every coupling a rape...careless of all identity. Graceless, desperate and cold...this is the incest of the spirit. The sucking pull of nameless desires that leave the mind numb and the will aimless, unable to ever say no.

~~ Matt Wagner, "Sandman Mystery Theatre - The Tarantula, Act III"

Damn, I loved this comic.
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redheadevilchiq should be here shortly, for an evening of movies...always cool.

I'm thinking of redesigning my LJ a little. Put up a new background of the Golden Age Sandman (cover of issue #10, "The Brute, Act II" for any who care), but haven't done anything else yet. It's definitely a back-burner project, with all else I've got going.

Um, beyond that...happy weekending to everyone.

"Welcome, enter, nightmare center, darkness falls, now I surrender..."
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