May 5th, 2003



I swear I'm never taking on professional jobs without getting a contract signed in the beginning, ever again.

Not only am I only getting half of what they owe me. I'll get it either tomorrow or Wednesday...which is after when it was agreed to be paid (deadline today, and just discovered that the check was not mailed out). The other half "should be coming" on the 15th.

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Guns, Lawsuits, And Politics

Gun Firms On Verge Of Getting Government Protection

What this boils down to, for those that don't wanna read the whole article, is that new legislation in the works will provide some shielding against gun manufacturers getting sued by gunshot victims.

Hell yes, I support it. This country has become a place that downright DEFINES 'scapegoat', and our legal system is full of the stupidest fucking lawsuits imaginable (remember the fat guy that tried to sue the fast-food joints because he was fat?). What possible legitimate grounds would someone who was shot have for suing the gun's MAKER? Christ, when you get in a wreck, do you sue Ford? Of course not...the maker of a thing has nothing to do with how the idiot who hurts you uses it.

What bothers me the most about this particular article, though, is the fact that the whole damn thing seems devoted to the various Senators' reactions to it, and related info. Not once does it mention anything resembling common sense...and herein lies the country's problem. We don't teach or learn common sense, we just get inundated with pointless factoids, and then go do something stupid like sue a gun maker for the fact that we got shot. Next we'll start suing the parents of an attacker for having the child that grew up commit a crime, or something equally stupid.

Maybe I can use this to my advantage. Who'd like to join me as co-plaintiffs? I've got ideas for a few GREAT lawsuits: First, we sue England for founding the colonies that grew into America, or the basis that America is stupid and aggessive. Secondly, we sue Isreal for allowing Jesus to be born and create Judaism and Christianity, on the basis that it is aggressive. Then we sue Utah for Mormonism...and Italy for Catholicism...and India for Hinduism...hell, we can extend THAT list forever. Oh, oh, can we sue various African countries for producing Cro-Magnon man, who created fire? Houses burn down all the time.

We'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams, and famous as well.
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Thanx to corachaos for mentioning this...otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to laugh at it.

New Hampshire's 'Old Man In The Mountain' Falls Off

LMAO...yep, this outcropping of rock that is the state symbol, on road signs, license plates, the state quarter, state logo, you name it...FELL OFF. Whoops. Apparently, they've been trying for nearly a century to keep this from happening, but eventually, it did anyway..."Only stabilizing cables and epoxy remained", they say.

Even funnier, though, is the comments in there. One guy apparently said 'good night' to it, every night on his drive home from work...isn't that cute? Another guy, who was the Old Man's official caretaker for decades before passing the job on to his son in 1989, cried, saying it felt like the oldest person in his family had died...awwwwww. The best comment has to be this one, though, from a park ranger: "We always thought it was the hand of God holding him up, and he let go." BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Apparently, there isn't much to do in New Hampshire.
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Fun With Bug

Bug gets here, all excited, because he did REALLY well in school today, which made it even easier to work my new deal with him. If he can get smiley faces on his behaviour all week, I have four brand new Hot Wheels hotrods for him. They are tacked to the wall, so he can see them, and hopefully he'll get them at the end of the week.

I get such a kick out of him. He really is a smart kid, and hungry to learn fun things...he just gets so bored with the weak stuff that is just basic (but you gotta learn it). but he's always asking me how things work (and WHY they work). This evening, he had these plastic eggs from Easter, and I got to spinning them and making them stand up on end. I kept using my hands to make it look like i was 'magically' causing it to happen...which worked out, since he couldn't get it to work. AFter a little bit, though, I told him why that worked (basic physics of centrifugal force, and so on)...and he was just eating that shit up. Very cool.

Spent the rest of the evening building this little skeleton marionette. Didn't get it finished before Bug had to go to bed, but he'll get to see it next time. Still, it's pretty cool, for a simple little cardstock cut-out. You can check it out (and make your own, if you have nothing better to do) HERE. There's several things there, it's kinda cool, in a little-kid's-cut-out-and-make-it-book kinda way...great for the goth on a budget!
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So, this new 'Ultimate Purity Test' that's going around only applies to sex. "Hmmm," I thought to myself, "maybe I'll come up a bit, since the drugs and crime aren't there." Apparently, I was right...

...but I'm still listed only 15% pure. Christ, my past makes me a sick puppy. Not that I'm complaining, actually...I'm happy to know that I've never limited myself, and I've always been willing to try new things, as it were...and the experience has paid off in many ways. Still, it does tend to make people wonder about me...but that's the fun part, right?
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