May 6th, 2003



Well, my dear lady zombiedip is sick as a dog. Feels terrible and is up most of the night hacking and coughing her lungs out...wish I could help. She feels terrible, and besides, it's not easy to sleep with that going next to ya all night.

Wanna send out a mild apology to plasticrapping, who is originally from New Hampshire, and was a tad miffed by my taking light of the fall of the Old Man. I'm irreverent, and I'm obnoxious, and sometimes I go a touch to far with things...sorry, bro'. Just the way I am; I'd have laughed at ANY revered thing like that falling.
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Game Geek

I've just spent the betyter part of an hour browsing through the preliminary stuff fro Deus Ex 2: Invisible War and Theif 3. Only one thing I can say:


Man, now I'm REALLY jonesing for them both to come out. I'm especially happy to see T3 finally back on track...for a long time, there, it looked like a dead project.
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Ungroovy History

A bunch of transcripts of long-secret testimony from 160 closed hearings held during McCarthy's red-baiting heyday have been released.

To say the least, they are interesting reading. Nothing surprising or shocking, but it definitely shows the sheer fervor and recklessness that was behind McCarthy's assault on Communism in America. Sad, really. Quite an example of fanaticism at it's worst.
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