May 8th, 2003


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The Wall Street Journal says that a U.S. commander in Mosul ordered troops to take over a local TV station after it broadcast an al-Jazeera program. According the Journal, an American officer who objected was relieved of her duties.

Am I the only one that is just a little bothered by this? Actually, I'm kinda torn...while I am bothered by the attitude towards her speaking her mind, and our own attitude towards the free speech (towards the officer, not the TV station), at the same time, when you are military, you know what is expected of you. Part of that is following orders...face it, that's your job. Now, I'm not saying that if a commander ordered you to bring him a baby sandwich and a side order of kitten fries you'd be wrong to balk, but in genereal, it is a situation of people giving orders and people following orders. So, this chick was within the American right to speak out, but was against her established position as a soldier in doing so...mixed emotions. Ah well.
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Ended up spending an extremely enjoyable evening, hanging out with delilahbowie and jennaflower, who is in town visiting. Much laughter ensued, shifting through bad movie discussions, customer horror stories, Cowboy Bebop, mindfuck questions, 50's health films, wine, tequila, and all around riotousness. Man, some of the coolest people I know live thousands of miles away, dammit...Jenna, I'm gonna have to try and convince you to stay. ;)

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Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

Strange Dreams

This is one of those times that I cannot rememebr all of what happened, but I remember bits and pieces...actually, if I wanted to give it deeper thought, I could probably remember more, but i think I'd just be annoyed at the parts I couldn't get anymore.

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I always have the best dreams after a fun evening.
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A Laugh, A Frown, A Debate

Don't ask me why I think
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Don't ask me why I think <a href=""<b>THIS</b></a> is funny, but I do...much thanx to <lj user=raven_garou> for the link.

Best hopes go out to <lj user=achmanage> know why, buddy.

I've been toying with the idea of actually paying to have my lj moniker changed. This is only in a 'hit my mind' kind of stage, I'm just thinking about it. When I started my LJ, I chose 'archmage' because my online handle, for seemingly forever' had been "Archmage Chaos Blackflame", and 'archmage' was short and easy to remember (and 'chaos' was taken, by somebody in the UK, who, I note, hasn't updated in almost exactly a year now). Since then, though, I've thought more than once that it's not really "me", and could definitely be something better. Of course, this means that I'd have to come up with something new, which is a whole new brainstorm. I suppose 'chaosblackflame' would be the obvious choice, but I've got so many friends now that everyone knows 'archmage'. Besides, what is an archmage but a master magician, and that DOES seem to fit me, in a loosely-interpreted sense. I manage to create effects that no one else can, and that seem nearly inmpossible...some are impressed with my abilities, but they seem natural to me. Others see me as arrogant about my self and my talents, and perhaps I am. Besides, I've always identified with 'The Magician' in the Tarot deck, he who uses all forces together for the betterment of Man.

Hmmm...Maybe I'll hang on to 'archmage', after all.
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Fully Functional And Anatomically Correct

Chalk up another chaotic convo for savrille and me:

savrille: Hey Louie, We gonna keel you! WhooPaa!
archmage: LOL
* archmage is only mildly functional
savrille: Well then, I guess I'll have to return you.
savrille: I ordered a man fully functional in the ways of human love.
archmage: Sorry, I'm a female-servicing only want the XJ Red 27 beta.
savrille: Damn.
savrille: Stupid sales droids.
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