May 20th, 2003

Burn The World

Bad Movies And Booze: Walk The Wildside

OK, my local buddies...after a long hiatus for the holiday season (and various other concerns), I'm happy to announce the return of

May 24th (Saturday), 7pm, at Chez Chaos, as always

On the lineup this time:
~~ A Selection of Strangeness to be Made Fun of ~~
The Fly (1958 - Vincent Price)
The Blair Witch Project

and One Other Thing Yet To Be Decided

Bring booze and/snackage and a desire to pull MST3K lines out of your ass

Any and all local are welcome to show up, the more the merrier...hell, even not local are welcome if ya feel like traveling. ;)

Looking Forward To Seeing Ya Here!
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Desparate Times...

An elderly Italian man asked the local priest to hear his confession. "Father, during World War II a beautiful woman knocked on my door and asked me to hide her from the Enemy. I hid her in my attic."
The priest replied: "That was a wonderful thing you did, my son, and you have no need to confess."
"It's worse, Father. she started to repay me with sexual favors."
"You were both in great danger, two people together under those circumstances act that way. You are forgiven."
"Thank you, Father. That's a great load off my mind. But I have one more question."
"And what is that?"
"Should I tell her the war is over?"
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News And Commentary, Bercause I Feel Like It

5th Suicide Bomber in 48 hours kills 3, wounds over 50 -- This whole suicid ebomber thing just tickles me. It's hard for me, as an intelligent, open-minded, unclouded, logically thinking person, to even conceive of how these people think that this is gonna get them to their heaven. Of course, that goes back to my feelings on organized religion (and religion in general, really), but that's another rant.

On top of that, what do they really hope to accomplish? Cause enough terror to cause the country to give in to some demands? Shit, just piss them off more, let them bomb you back to the Stone Age, and then you'll ALL be in heaven, 'nuff said. There can't be THAT many of these people willing to blow themselves to Hell...this goes on long enough, and the problem will be solved. Darwinism in action, baby.

I still say just declare international war on these jackasses and turn them into primordial soup. Was that too aggressive? Oh well.

Maine law upheld, forces drug companies to give same low price to uninsured people -- Score one for the little guy. Insurance was conceived to be a way to make sure that people had the chance to get medical care, since doctors are only a small legal step away from prostitutes. Hey, guys, whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath? Apparently, at some point in the past, the line "unless they are poor" was added.

Unfortunately, insurance coverage just gave docs the license to raise prices that much more, and made it even harder for the rest of us. Prescription rugs, perfect example. There's no reason to charge different prices to two different people; the drug hasn't changed. But they did just that, and Maine's law basically withheld the drug companies from being part of the Medicaid program if they did it. The Supreme Court upheld the law, and thus helps pave the way for oher states to do the same. Only two before now had these laws, but with Maine's being upheld, the 27 others that jhave this waiting in the wings shoudl move right along with getting them into place.

Damn The Man.
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Worship Chaos


Well, with certian contractual obligations FINALLY worked out and outta my hands, I can get back to work on icons...I know, I have a list of you guys that I said I'd make them for, and I'm sorry about the, over the next week or so, in between bouts of System Shock 2 (since 1 will not run on my system, apparently too old, gotta work on that one), I'm hoping to get them made.

First one up is for blueski:

This is one of those that I'm not sure if the idea in my head translated well onscreen. Let me know what you think, darlin'...I'll try something else if this just doesn't 'do it' for ya.
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Achy-Breaky Head

OK, Goddess, I get the head has been hurting for two straight can stop now...whatever it was, I did it, I'm sure...just make it stop...