May 21st, 2003


Easy Day

Managed to convince Di last night that she needed a day off, so she's playing hooky from work today....coolies, get my girl around all day for a change, all to myself. ;)

Woke up to find that my left hand was in excrusiating pain for no apparent reason, and then, to add to the day, EarthLink decided that my password was invalid...also for no apparent reason. Joy, no internet. Fuck it, we went out to breakfast and things were fine when we got back...go figure. I think we've wroked out a way to get cable internet here, and still come out about even, so as soon as I finally get my other check, I'm-a network our machines and see about working that one out. Will be nioce to say goodbye to EarthLink. They've been good, but saying adios to dial-up will rock.

As sm101 says, it's Wednesday and that means it's Petable Clothing Day, so wear your most petable clothing...or get naked with the partner of your choice and pet them.
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Jet (Cowboy Bebop)


Di and I got experimental in the kitchen for dinner, and it came out pretty good. Sausage/chicken/cheese/onion mixture, rolled up in lasagna noodles and baked in marinara sauce...nummy. Between dinner and watching 'Brotherhood of the Wolf''s been a nicely relaxing evening. Back to the grind tomorrow...been nice having her home for a day, though. :)

Planning on doing icons for melraz and delilahbowie tomorrow. Also gonna try and finish 'System Shock 2'.

Oh yeah, I'm such a happ'nin' guy.
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