May 23rd, 2003


Journalistic Humour

The annual convention for Responsible Journalists Of North America is held in a hotel room in Boston.

Rumor has it that the attendee spends the day reading old Doonesbury collections.
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Proof That I'm A Pig

CHatting with multi_jinx this morning, she mentioned that she'd met someone who said they knew me...curious, I pressed for details, trying to figure out who it was. Unfortunately, she didn't have much in the way of details...which leads to convo snippets like this:

archmage: damn, this is buggin' me...I wanna know who this is
multi_jinx: How may ******s do you know?
archmage: Well, christ, I can't remember
multi_jinx: It could be ****** ******. I'll find out.
archmage: I might have worked with her, I might have known her through another friend...
archmage: Who knows where I know her from?
archmage: Hell, I might have fucked her.
multi_jinx: Ok.
archmage: Though, if it IS ****** ******, I didn't.
archmage: Wanted to, but didn't. ;)
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Slip Sliding Away

Ugh...I can feel that wave coming over me...the one that means a mood shift coming on. Combined with the genral feeling, head-to-toe of my body just settling lower into itself, the apathy is ungroovy. Is it mental? Is it emotional? Is it just a sense of imprending doom? Only the Shadow knows.
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