May 30th, 2003


Uproar About God's Phone Number

OK, in the recent film "Bruce Almighty", this regular schmoe gets annoyed with how God is running the show, so God gicves him the power to see if he can do any better. Apparently, whenever God wants to get hold of this guy, he pages him, and the number is shown pretty prominently more than a few times (776-2323 - I'm not going into the Erisian significance of this number right now, but if you are amongst those in the know, it rocks).

Obviously, there are too many people out there with nothing to do. Seems this is a valid number in many places, and several of those with the number are fed up. Now, if I had a shitload of calls every day, asking for God, I'd answer "Yes, what do you want?", but that's just me, and I can see how it would drive some people a little nuts. But, get this, some woman actually wants to sue Universal Pictures for using her number...yeah, go ahead. Another owner of the number happens to be a church, whose pastor is named Bruce! *LOL* He's not too thrilled, saying the movie "mocks God and makes a mockery of religion" (religion already IS a mockery, Jack), but that God uses evil things and turns them into good, so that maybe this is groovy in the end. Criminy, they're worse than politicians...

At least others are OK with it. One family changed theis answering machine, and thinks it's funny. A radio station is setting up a contest around the fact that one of THEIR numbers is God's phoneline now. A georgia evangelist got a kick out of his calls, and says he and his wife liked the movie, too.

All of this, just because THAT many humans are SO BORED, that they see a phone number in a movie, and they have to try and call it. *sigh*
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Icon Work

Two new for delilahbowie:

...and one for caliban, which I just sorta got a wild hair to do:

(*Note: the quotes on this one are had to be there for most of them*)
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Shameless Self-Promotion

Well, a boring day took a very sharp downward dive in the middle, and I needed to get my self distracted, which means no serious graphic work. Well, not only did we get the situation resolved, but I figured out a couple really interesting looks/effects:

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I'm glad I got my Yahoo Messenger working independantly of Trillian, just so I can hit the Electronica chatroom and hear jahnji spin his mixes. Also helped gonzo_md get his LJ looking better, so that rocks. Also figured out whaty I was screwing up onone last little animation bit (no visual this time, it was minor).

Now to kick back, work on angel2005's icon, and have a smoke.