June 6th, 2003



This gets pretty long, since I did it for three differents "names" of mine...so if you really care...

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Hangin' With Mr. Chaos

Spent a cool, deep evening with delilahbowie, who it's always good to see. Dunno if anything i said makes any sense or helped at all, but I hope so.

Tonight, get to run oput to Forest Grove and hear jahnji do some DJ'in'. He's got an audition for a regular gig, and Di and I are heading out to show some support, and because he's just too cool. Check his journal for place and directions, and consider coming out as well...should be a good time!
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Interview Me

I'm seeing this go around, and it seems interesting enough, so here's yer chance at me. I've always said my life is an open book, and I've never had a problem saying or admitting anything, so go ahead, lemme have it. Gimme several questions, I don't care how many, I'll take 'em all on. G'wan, I DARE you to interview me!
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Burn The World

Interviews, Round 1

Well, you know me, I can't do anything half-way...so here ya go.

COMMENTATOR: Good evening, and welcome to "Bring It On", a new late-night interview show that asks the questions YOU send in. Tonight, in the hot seat, we have Frank Prevatt, nationally known ranter, free thinker, and ideological warrior, also known as "Chaos Blackflame" and "Archmage" online.

FRANK: Evening, all.

C: Frank, I hope you're ready.

F: Well, as you say, 'bring it on'.

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Interviews - Round 2

COMMENTATOR: Hello, and welcome back to "Bring It On". If you are just joining us, our answer-man tonight is Frank Prevatt, nationally known weirdo...

FRANK: ...and proud of it!

C: Haha, yes, you certainly do revel in it.

F: Hell, I'm downright smug about it.

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(no subject)

COMMENTATOR: Welcome back to "Bring It On". Frank, you ready for Round 3?

FRANK: No time like the present.

c: OK. Our next set of questions come from syndicated talk show host achmanage.

F: (laughs) I wondered when he'd speak up.

[Unknown LJ tag]C: You two have spoken before?

F: Many, many times. We do a lot of debating back and forth.

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