June 20th, 2003


Happy Friday

And it shall be a happy Friday indeed, for me. Afraid I can't say much at the moment, but more shall be forthcoming, I promise.

Man, Di has apparently pissed off the Game Gods. I dunno how, and I dunno when, but they were not in her corner last night. She got online playing Gin while I was reading, and was losing (which is odd, because she's normally very good). She got off of there and asked if I wanted to finish the game of RoboRally that we had started the night before. I said sure, and proceeded to speed around the rest of the board, blasting her and shoving her into a pit. That went fast, and at her suggestion, I pulled out Monopoly...and it was more of the same. Not only did she land on the Luxury Tax at least 5 times, she was in Jail at least 7...and once I had all 4 railroads and the entire yellow group built up...well, her days were numbered. She managed to get enough mortgaged to pay the first yellow hit, and BARELY managed to pay off the railroad hit a couple turns later, only to roll and go directly to another railroad...she threw in the towel.

And on that note, I leave this picture for poisonous_vine, who is a Smurfs fan: Smurfs: The New Generation
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Sweet News

Wow, a day for happy things...just got off IM with 01flux and discovered that she is finally moving back to Seattle in about 3 weeks! Sweet, I get my Steph back in the area...I miss her, she's way too call. Will be good to have you back, hun! Come see me when you get settled in!
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Here And Away

I can always tell when I'm hooked into a game again. All my LJ posts are in the mornings, and catching up on my friends list takes forever, because I haven't read it since the previous morning.

Cripes...had so many windows open the browser choked.
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Score One For The Justice System, For A Change

Court Dismisses McCorvey's Request To Reopen Roe v. Wade

Good...and done for a perfectly valis, nondebateable reason. I love it.

Feel free to give me any shit you like for cheering about this, But I'm not in the mood to debate it...hell, feel free to give me shit about the music, too; I can't explain why I like the track, since the "band" in general annoys me to no end...and Metallica came up just as it ended, so that takes some of the curse off.
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City On Fire

Secrets Revealed

OK, I know that I was cryptic about something going on today...and if you read zombiedip's LJ, she was downright smug about it. Not being a 'secrets' kinda guy, though, I'm happy to reveal things now.

Over her lunch break, Di and I went down to the county courthouse and got our marriage license. Yes, you read that right.

In a fashion true to us, we couldn't make it easy. We walked up to the courthouse, and just before entering, i remembered I had a pocketknife, and they frown on that sort of thing, so back to the car I went, and dropped off everything but my keys (took the knife off of there as well), my wallet, and my glasses. In we go, through security, only to discover that SHE has a pocketknife in her purse she forgot about, and that my wallet chains were long enough to be a potential weapon. So, off to the car SHE treks, dropping off her knife and my wallet. Back she comes, and I go through, and my boots and belt buckle set off security ANYWAY. OK, finally through security, and to the office, only to find that the department we need has moved to the buildiung next door, so we leave, go to the next building...where there is no security check. Go figure. We dealt with, frankly, the nicest civil servant that I've ever dealt with. She was an older lady, very nice, friendly, conversational, and with a good sense of humour. Damn comfy seating, too, I was impressed.

We still need to appear before the Justice of the Peace for the actual legalization of the marriage, of course, but that's pretty much a formality. So, we'll be legally married within days. Now, we are still planning the "ceremony" for Halloween 2004, and anyone that can make it is welcome, since it promises to be a party; if nothing else, everyone in attendance will be required to be in costume. But we decided there was no reason to wait for the legal end of things; we both wanted it, and we might as well be married, anyway...so now we will be.

I love you, Dianna.
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