June 23rd, 2003


Over The River And Through The Woods

Spent the afternoon hiking around the hills near Di's parents' place. subzero is traveling out to the West Coast to see Di, and they are gonna do a photoshoot out in the creek/spring area there, so Dan (Di's brother-in-law) and I got back there to machete some trails, to make the going easier next weekend.

After looking at the place, Dan sugested another spot he knew about, with a 20-foot waterfall. Sounded possible, so he and I went to check it out...and it really is gorgeous. A little steep going to get there, so I dunno if it'll work or not, but *I* certainly will go back for some pictures, regardless. We shot the breeze back and forth, and I may get to actually do some bow-hunting this year with him, which would rock.

Before we left for home, though, I managed to wrangle some time alone with Di's dad. See, maybe it's the Southern Boy in me, but I wouldn't feel right marrying Di without having sat down and specifically gotten her parents' approval. It was bad enough that Di had already told them we were going ahead with this, before I got a chance to do this, and I knew they approved, but it was just something I needed to do. Actually, it was a little funny: when I sat down to talk to him, he got this grin on his face, that seemed to say that he thought I might do this, but it went very cool. He totally approved of our getting married, and that made all the difference to me.

Addendum: I actually typed this up two hours ago, but just as I finished, jahnji showed up unexpectedly, back early from his most recent trip up to Canada. Always good to see him, and got to see the pix he took of him and his new girl, Danielle. I'm very happy for him, but I hate the fact that he might move up there...sucks to see good friends go. Still, it really rocks to see him so happy, and he's not actually going to be that far away.

Ouch, And Double Ouch

Holy Skjaqueda, I've done it this time. Fucked up the ol' spinal column something fierce.

In getting done all the shite that needed to be done today, I sat down in the doorway out to my porch with a bucket and a scrubbrush to clean off the elk skull I found yesterday. Got as much done as I could for the moment, and stood up to head back in, taking hold of the bucket as I did. Apparently, the weight was in JUST the right place to play bojangles with my center of gravity, because instead of the smooth upward movement that I have known all my life will gain me an upright bipedal stance, I instead executed what would have been a pretty impressive forward roll and pratfall, had I intended to do it. As it was a tad on the spontaneous side, it mostly just looked stupid and resulted in what seemed at the time to be minor and easily-ignored pain. 3 steps into the house, however, it decided that it didn't want to be simply ignored, and shouted at me 'I am pain, here me roar'. That led to a nice three-hour reading and relaxation session on the couch.

I had hoped it was gone by now, as it wasn't continuing it's erudite discourse on it's own superiority, but as I got up, it figured that moment was a prime opportunity to clue me in to the research it had been doing while I wiled away the afternoon. Needless to say, at the moment, it has a VERY convincing argument.

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