June 24th, 2003

Burn The World

Very Special Shout Outs

Today is a very important day, it is the birthday of my dear lady love, the woman who actually consented to spend her life with me, zombiedip...I'm not going to wish you a great year, because I'm just going to make SURE you have a great year.

As an added bonus, I also get to send birthday greetings out to sempereadem, who shares the birthday today...Many Happy Returns, hun!
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Tree Types

(*snagged frm polarbear*)

Very strong
a bit self-willed
does not allow contradiction or arguments
loves life
its family
children and animals
a bit of a butterfly
good sense of humor
likes idleness and laziness
of practical talent and intelligence.
Well, that's sorta close. I am strong and very self-willed, and I am independant, though I like having otehrs around. However, I DO allow contradicting points and arguments, hell, I enjoy them. I do love life, and my immediate family here, though I don't care much about most of my blood family....but everyone knows I love kids and animals. I'd like to think that I do have a good sense of humor, I suppose I like idleness and laziness as much as anyone, and I suppose 'practical talent and intelligence' is pretty accurate. but what the hell is "a bit of a butterfly" mean?

And You?

Ethical And Semantic Question

In light of the news of the so-called human cloning going on, we have to ask ourselves the hypothetical question. If you pushed your naked clone off the top of a tall building, would it be:

A) murder,
B) suicide, or
C) merely making an obscene clone fall?

(*snagged from duchess_webb*)
Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

I Shouldn't Post These, It'll Give Me A Bad Reputation...Yeah, Whatever

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Fun WIth Da Bug

Erik only had a half day at school today, as it was the final day of school, so I had his grandmother just bring him straight here. We've had a blast for the afternoon, so far, playing games and goofing off, and still managed to get his room all cleaned up, do phonics (twice as long as normal, and he didn't even notice), and walk down to the corner store for candy bars (hey, it was candy-thirty, what could I do?).

Di should be home in a little while, and it'll be time for dinner, and then gonna show him The Empire Strikes Back, and hopefully it'll be dark enough to go outside and wave some sparklers around.

Good times. Being Dad rocks...even when you aren't called it.

Speaking of Dads, I told mine today about my impending nuptials, and as I expected he was very happy and very proud. He wishes he could be here for it, but I told him this was just the legal end of things, and that the "ceremony" is still happening Halloween next year, but that he had to be in costume. He laughed and said "I suppose I can wear a pair of rollerskates."

Now THAT will be worth seeing. ;)