June 25th, 2003


Shout Outs

Well, she's been perusing for a little while, but I never got off my ass to say anything (I'm so lazy lately!), so I wanted to welcome my newest reader tiffanyleclair.

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Inspirational Hymns

I'm no fan of 'The Onion', generally, but this (posted earlier by blueski just floored me:

Top Inspirational Hymns:

1. Lord, Thou Art Not Made Up
2. A Mighty Fortress Is Our Lakeland Heights Community Christian Church
3. Rinsing Out The Sheaves
4. Jesus Christ, Look At This Place
5. This Cross Was Built Ram Tough
6. Mary Mary (Why Ya Buggin')
7. Gracious Lord On High, Toss Me A Peanut Brittle

and one last one, courtesy of Eddie Izzard...

8. Oh God, What On Earth Is My Hairdo
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