July 1st, 2003



By sometime today, I'll be in the presence of my Mom...oh, joy and rapture. Well, figure if I deal with her now, I can get away with not dealing with her for another big chunk of years.

I considered not saying anything about our upcoming marriage, since I'd rather save myself from any more of her than possible, but I know it'd be hell to pay if I waited, so I guess I'll tell her...just as long as she doesn't freak out.

Casn you tell how much I'm looking forward to this? Can you even imagine an amount that small?

About Frickin' Time

Well, after 10 hours, I can finally post to my journal again, Maybe it's just me, but it always seems to be the Cartman Cluster (which I'm on) that has the problems. Oh well, I'm sure they are doing the best they can.

Let's see...a new icon, some bad news, and some good news...and some just plain ol' vanilla news.

New icon is up on this post...pix were taken from "One Hour Photo" (reviews of that and others to come).

Well, on the down side, Buddy Hackett was found dead in his home, cause of death unknown as of yet. Hackett was a riot, I always enjoyed seeing him in something. Damn.

On the good side, I wasn't going to bother with the little 'find out about someone through their birthsign' thing, but Di went and did mine, and it was fairly true, so I'm reposting it Collapse ).

On the boring side, Mom and my brother, John, finally showed up. So far, so good, they got here, we sat around for maybe 15 minutes, and went out to dinner, which wasn't bad, and at which I told her about Di and I getting marrried. Once we got back, John and I stepped out of the car to help some guy who was pushing his, and once we got back, found that he and Mom were going on back to the hotel, and so the evening was free...nice. Di helped me forget about them for a while (*MROWR*), and thus I'm better now. Head finally no longer hurts (which has been hurting most of the afternoon)...all in all not bad.

And now, off to play a little more Unreal 2.
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Smackdown (Anger)

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Mariah Carey Covers Def Leppard Song

OK, this is just SO wrong on SO many levels. This annoying, goony, poodle-looking chick could never put the power into that song that it once had. beyond that, I love how this happened, apprently due to a "chance encounter with the song, from a Def Leppard greatest-hits collection she travels around with". SHe travels around with this album, so how "chance" could an encouter with it be?!?
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The Mask (Laughing)

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(Me and jahnjitalking about 'One Hour Photo')

jahnji: Want to know what I think?
jahnji: I haven't seen the movie, but I'm sure it doesn't end this way: it should end with the CIA completely surrounding him, and as he turns around to run away, all 20+ of them would unload their pistols, MP5s, and M14s into him.
archmage: Yeah, true...but that ending has been done to death.
jahnji: All movies should end like that... like The Recruit
archmage: or Killing Zoe
jahnji: I haven't seen that
jahnji: Want to know another movie that I think should end like that?
archmage: ?
jahnji: The Truman Show
archmage: LMAO
archmage: that would rock
archmage: he comes out, discovers the 'real world'...and someone guns him down
jahnji: after he leaves that false city and enters the real one, CIA has him completely surrounded
archmage: hee hee
jahnji: his girlfriend is there and she yells out "NOOOO!" when he tries to run away and 20+ CIA agents unload on him
archmage: BOOYAH
jahnji: I think there's an Editor's cut with that.
jahnji: haha, you know it should end that way ;)
archmage: Hell, I just want them to do that to Jiim Carrey in general ;)
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