July 7th, 2003


On The Mend

Well, I'm already getting around better...that's a good start.

Hooked myself up with a Commodore 64 emulator yesterday, and found a site or two with a shitload of the old games...man, this takes me back to my school years, but I'm finding that I will need to get an actual joystick sometime in the near future. It'd be nice to have one anyway, but I need it for a bunch of the games.

*stretchyawn* Thanks to all the good wishes and positive vibes...I really appreciate it.
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Tears Of Joy

I don't care if this just screams something about the ex-rocker in me.

I just realized how much better I'm feeling...I can headbang again!!!!
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Cry Blood (Hurt)

Another Great Loss, But One You Might Not Know

But I know this guy. Met him once, in fact...and one of those guys that I looked on and said to myself "This is a good guy...be more like him." The man was Estel Wood "Ed" Kelley.

Kelley was a successful entrepreneur and former executive of Standard Brands, R. H. Macy, General Foods, Heublein, Consolidated Cigar, Gulf and Western, and Fairmont Foods. He participated in the development or domestic introduction of products such as Tang, Cool Whip, Grey Poupon Mustard, Smirnoff vodka, Klondike ice cream bars and A-1 Steak Sauce. He also formed a group of investors called Kelley & Partners, which bought underperforming companies and sought to repair them, the last of which was a small midwestern restaurant chain called Steak 'N' Shake, which at the time had about 125 locations in Illinois and now has over 400 in 19 states (which is how I met him...Steak 'N' Shake is still one of my fave places to eat...great burgers and fries, INCREDIBLE shakes).

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Cry Blood (Hurt)

On That Note

I was away from the computer most of the weekend, so didn't get a chance to mingle my voice with the rest of you at the death of Barry White. Man, that sucks. That sucks a lot.

And then add to that the fact that Buddy Ebsen died...man, they're dropping like flies.
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Bad Photography

I wanna know who it was that started the rumour that pouring blood all over a model and having her grimace made for interesting pictures. I see so much of this around that it just annoys me, because it's BORING.

This mini-rant brought to you by this link.
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Burn The World

Zombies Kick Ass

You are an Evil Dead Zombie. The spirits of the
dead took over your body in a lonely cabin, and
now it's your job to kick some Ash ass. Sadly,
while you'll succeed in beating the bejeezus
out of Ash repeatedly, he will ultimately wipe
you from existence. You can only be killed by
bodily dismemberment.

What kind of Zombie are you?
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