July 8th, 2003

Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

God Of The Mind

Well, I'm still hurting, but when did THAT ever stop me? Spent a very enjoyable evening chatting with lilinchylde...must do that again!

Hey, look at me attempting a little journalistic integrity at 7:30 in the morning...

This kid mapped the U.S.'s fiber optic network, using info publicly available on the Net, and has now come under the scrutiny of national security groups, since his program could be a useful thing for terrorists. He appreciates that, but his concern is that they want him to classify the whole thing, and he wants his degree. Yeesh.

In a test conducted by the Southwest Research Institute on July 7, a chunk of hard foam insulation was fired at shuttle wing parts, resulting in a 16-inch hole. According to the Associated Press, one shuttle investigator believed this is the "smoking gun" proving that damage from falling foam insulation doomed the Columbia. See a video of that test here.

And lastly, as if California needed any other weird problems...for those that haven't kept up, people are trying to get Gov. Gray Davis recalled, and if so, they'll have an election to replace him...and one of the possible Republican candidates is ...ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER?!? Can this be serious? We can't understand what he's saying half the time...well, for Cali, that's probably a good thing.
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City On Fire

Good Vibrations

Since Bug is now doing the summer school thing, he gets out around noon, so on the days we have him, he's here with me all afternoon. This worked out well yesterday, as we have started giving him some chores to do, and this was the first day for him to do them. Gave me the opportuinity to show him how to do things, and he had a good time. Fell on the sidewalk helping me with the trash, though, and took a nice chunk of skin off his knee. I was proud of him, though, for all that you could see that he wanted to cry, he toughed it out like a trooper, even when I put some alcohol on it. I really think part of it is that he doesn't want to look weak in front of me, but that's OK...I also sympathized with the wound, which probably hurt like a motherfucker, and I told him so (slightly different language, of course). It was sore this morning, but he got up and got going, so I'm not worried about him.

Also went through my t-shirts and pulled out a few that are too small anyway, and gave them to him. They are huge on him, of course, but I told him he could sleep in them, and he wouldn't take them off all day, just kept changing between them...it really was adorable. So, he now owns his first really cool shirt (glow-in-the-dark print from Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein), his first rock shirt (Yngwie Malmsteen...gotta start him off right), and his first indie band shirt (TCR - see, annathema667? I even pimp you guys out to the young crowd!). I'm thinking I may have to give him one of my Fields of the Nephilim shirts, too, so he can have a really odd goth-rock one...and gotta get him a Rob Zombie shirt someday.

Should be seeing karzon here shortly, to work on his business cards.

Spent the morning chatting with poisonous_vine, who always makes me smile...and dig this that she did: I've been turned into an egg!. It's even throwing the horns...ROCK! Well, I may never get to be served at my own wake as the main course, but at least when this one dies, someone eats it...so I get my wish by proxy!
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City On Fire

Now It Can Be Said

OK, kids, this one's mildly important, so I hope you're listening.

Saturday is Zero Hour. The final moment. Saturday, Di and I shall be officially married.

dravengodvamp is coming down for the day to sign off on the paperwork, and that'll be that. What I'd like is to have a potluck gathering of my friends to celebrate...there won't be a real ceremony, per se, just the officialization of the marriage.

So...if you are anywhere nearby and want to be there, that would kick ass; it'd be cool to have you here, joining us on this day. This will probably happen around mid-day, I'll post a more specific time when I have one. Get hold of me for directions if you so need.