July 9th, 2003

Smackdown (Anger)


Man, rotten afternoon yesterday. I'm watching 'The Animatrix', and fell asleep, managed to wake up long enough to get comfy, and proceeded to pass out again. I wake up long enough to notice Di has just come in and is tellign me she has to run to the bank, and fell back asleep.

Now, if I sleep in the afternoons, I will tend to wakeup with a headache, unfortunately...and that is just what happened when the cellphone woke me up. To make matters worse, the phone call was Di's ex...for ME.

Now, get this: the long and short of the phone call is that he doesn't like that "I told Bug he couldn't express his emotions" and that in the future I should "let him express himself". Also, he understands that I used some alcohol in cleaning bug's knee wound, and he feels that soap and water would have been fine, because alcohol can hurt, and he would appreciate my not doing THAT in the future, either.

Do you believe this guy? Christ, you know, karma be damned for a change, I want something very fatal to happen to this guy when no one is around him. What a menace to humanity.

"Just Call Them Crazy "

Oh, man, you gotta see this.

Now, in general, activists annoy me, but this is something else entirely. This kid, Alex Asch, was attending Institute for Social Ecology, a radically inclined institution of higher education located in Plainfield, Vermont. His parents hired two juvenile transport officers to remove him from the Institute. After removing him from the school he was forced to go to Turnabout Stillwater, a juvenile rehabilitation program located in Utah affiliated with the Mormon church. There he will be held against his will until his 18th birthday in June 2004. They did this by having him diagnosed with "Oppositional Defiance Disorder", which is defined as a disorder including symptoms such as often losing one's temper, arguing with adults, actively defying or refusing to comply with adults' requests, deliberately annoying people, blaming others for mistakes, being touchy or easily annoyed, and often being spiteful, vindictive, or angry.

Is it just me, or is this pretty much the definition of your average teenager? The sad part is that ths is all completely legal...and that scares me the most. By those standards, ANYONE that speaks out on anything, ANYONE even vaguely radical in ANY direction, can be labeled 'disordered'.

Read more here. Be afraid.
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Anger And Annoyance

Pirates Of The Carribbean opens this weekend, and even if it does have that poncy elf Orlando Bloom in it, I wanna see...looks like they did a good job and didn't go too Disney on it. Yes, they are working on a film of The Haunted Mansion, and I've been watching the stuff on it, hoping that it, combined with 'Pirates' is the beginning of something new from Disney (*gasp!*), a show that, while they can churn out the bland kiddie-crap like always, they also have some balls and can do something not only serious, but maybe even a little scary.

The sets have been great looking, and Rick Baker is onboard doing the effects (American Werewolf in London, Men In Black, and others). This was all sending good messages to me, making me actually start to soften my rant about Disney, just a little. Today, I checked up on it, and discovered that they had announced the major cast roles.

Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Tilly & Don Knotts. WHAT?!? Well, it was going SO well, I can't say I'm surprised to see them fuck up now. In desperation I glance through the movie synopsis at the website, and see that the body of the flick is described as a "hilarious and hair-raising" romp. Hilarious?!? This IS the Haunted Mansion we're talking about, yes? Oh well, sorry Walt, I was hoping to not hate the company that you left behind...but it's not your fault.

Speaking of annoying, though, I'm sure you've all seen the news about the fact that Briney Spears admitted she isn't a virgin. Well, whopptie-fuckin'-shit. Gee, can we say 'starving for the spotlight'? As if anybody really gives a rat's ass...but the article IS worth reading, if only to laugh at her. Now, she's 21, right? On and on she goes about how it was TWO WHOLE YEARS into her relationship with Justin, and she had this 'vision' that he was the one, and so she went ahead and did it. 21...as if anyone has the slightest idea what the world is about at 21...hell, you're just starting the "Stupid Years", get comfy. Oh, and, apparently, where she comes from, "the woman is the homemaker, and that's how I was brought up - you cook for your kids." And thus, America's sweetheart, making more money than God and keeping the attitude, etc., was gonna give it all up to be a homemaker. Noble sentiments, if I believed it. On top of that, she gave it up to HIM? Yeesh...with the sheer number of horny guys that think she is the peak of pulchritude, you'd think she'd have better taste...but face it, that "relationship" had "Hollywood/Camelot" written all over it.

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Smackdown (Anger)

It Never Ends

You know, I could rant here about Bug's dad, as there is a whole NEW situation that came up tonight that proves, once again, what an incredibly ineffective, asinine, and shit-for-brains "parent" he is...

...but honestly, I don't feel like it. It's not even worth my typing out.
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