July 22nd, 2003

Worship Chaos

Shout Outs

In my lack of LJ involvement yesterday, I missed getting to shout out a birthday greeting to deadthing...sorry! Hope it was a good one!

Also, gotta shout another one out today for paradox13...many happy returns!
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Cry Blood (Hurt)


It's a rotten feeling to not wanna get out of bed because you know movement will hurt. It's even worse to then realize there's no caffeine in the house...
City On Fire


We all have something that makes us feel good...and something that, above all, is the best. For me, that's knowing that someone trusts me. Better than money, sex, or chocolate, just knowing that kicks me all the way up.

So, I just wanted to take a second and say a big thank you to all of you (both in real life and online) who have showed me how much you trust me, whether that be by allowing me access to things most don't get, or by inviting me into your confidence, or by sharing things with me that few people see. That absolutely rocks my socks to the Nth degree, and I shall not betray it.