July 29th, 2003

Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

Updates And Beyond

OK, there really isn't that much to update from the weekend. dravengodvamp and Kat came down to hang out, and Kat is staying with us for a little while, since her situation was ugly and not one she was willing to go back to. It's cool having her around though, she rocks.

Doug and I did manage to network the two machines here, and if all goes well tomorrow, I should have the cable internet hooked up...whee!
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Getting Old (Suckage)

RIP Bob Hope

Upon waking up from where I'd passed out this afternoon (I'm not feeling at all well, partly due to the oppressive, stagnant heat going on in my apartment), I discovered that Bob Hope, having finally reached a century in age, passed away. Well, Bob, you earned it. Hope the 18 holes in the afterlife are good ones...I'm sure Frankie, Dean-o, and Sammy are saving you a spot in their foursome.