August 18th, 2003

Burn The World

Power To The Slashers

Now, this made me feel REALLY good.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two of Hollywood's most infamous villains joined forces over the weekend to scare moviegoers and shock studio executives with a surprisingly strong No. 1 opening at the North American box office.

"Freddy Vs. Jason," a low-budget teen thriller, sold an estimated $36.4 million worth of tickets in its first three days since opening on Aug. 15, according to studio estimates issued on Sunday. Going into the weekend, industry observers had forecast a bow in the $20 million range.

Last weekend's champion, the cop action movie "S.W.A.T.," slipped to a distant No. 2 with $18.6 million, taking its 10-day haul to $70.1 million.

The top-five contained two other new releases. "Open Range," a Western directed by and starring Kevin Costner, opened at No. 3 with a solid $14.1 million. The female-targeted comedy "Uptown Girls," starring Brittany Murphy, launched at No. 5 with $11.2 million, also a promising start for a film that cost less than $20 million to make.

In between, the Jamie Lee Curtis role-reversal comedy "Freaky Friday" slipped two places to No. 4 with $13.1 million in its second weekend. The 12-day total for the critically acclaimed film rose to $57.9 million.
Can't mess with the best, baby.
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Cry Blood (Hurt)

Elevator Decapitation - Not Just A 'Resident Evil' Scene

Yep, dig this:

An aspiring missionary doctor was killed Saturday at Christus St. Joseph Hospital when an elevator malfunctioned, decapitating him. Hitoshi Nikaidoh, 35, of Dallas, a surgical resident, was stepping onto a second-floor elevator in the main building around 9:30 a.m. when the doors closed, pinning his shoulders. The elevator car then moved upward, severing the doctor's head.

Ouch. Now, this article pretty much speaks for itself, so I only have two things to say in regards to it.

First off, looking over the article, it seems that this place knows that it has had problems with these elevators, and one Alan Van Nort, a member of the state's Elevators, Escalators and Related Equipment Advisory Board, is quoted as saying "The city has primary responsibility for inspections, and then reports of any incident go to the state for review." Now, I may be a little crazy or something, but if I ran, say, a hospital, and something in it was potentially dangerous to the care of my patients (who are, after all, here to get better, not worse), I'd be doing everything I damn well could to get that handled. I happen to be one of those people that is extremely displeased with the medical profession nowadays, on many levels (delilahbowie and I talked about this a little the other night). What ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath? I'll tell you what happened to it, it was bought by the corporations. Suddenly, hospitals weren't about care and health but about profit. Do you honestly believe that it costs several thousand dollars to cut you open for something minor? Say what you want, but it goes back in a bad cycle...until you have the medical state of this country. Hospitals and doctors charge what they do because they have to pay for all their damn perks/equipment/facilities/malpractice insurance/etc...and while I'm all for things being researched so that there are better machines and procedures, we've allowed it to go too far. I'm not gonna spout off about this anymore right now, you're smart enough to see where this one goes.

Secondly, I got a sick hatred out of how this article went on about how this doc had found God, become a youth leader, and decided to go into missionary work. Is this supposed to make his death even more tragic? So, what, if he'd tried to go on and do his job because he was Asatru, or Shinto, or Atheist, his death wouldn't have meant as much? Fuck you. His death is tragic for the fact that it was accidental due to faulty machinery that should have been handled a long time ago, and thus the world lost another person that might have gone on to great things...or maybe not, but at the very least his family and friends will never see him again. His particular beliefs are of no fucking consequence, and don't need to be brought up in a news article. I'm so sick of things like this being tagged into news stories, simply for the fact that it causes a quick tug on the heartstrings and makes people shed an extra tear.

Soundbites about found religion are one of the modern-day fnords.
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Getting Old (Suckage)

Too Much Free Time

After spending 45 days battling backaches and cockroaches, the efforts of Ma Li Hua, 24, were rewarded in Singapore yesterday when she broke the world record for the longest solo domino topple. She single-handedly set up and knocked over 303,621.

Um, way to go. A month and a half of backbreaking and tedious work for 4 minutes of result, and a record for something, well...stupid. And you had nothing better to do?
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Smackdown (Anger)

Fuck All This

I'm declaring this day over. I don't care what I had planned to do today, it's gonna wait until tomorrow.

I started the day in an overly cynical mood, managed to screw up making my lunch not once but THREE times running, and then broke a glass candlestick by opening up my fridge. All this while being frustrated with BitTorrent for apparently not wanting to snag much of anything today.

I quit.


As if they day could be any "brighter"...

corachaos, I'm borrowing your is just PANTS. I don't even care if the usage of said verbiage is incorrect, it just sounds right.