September 5th, 2003

Worship Chaos


Another Friday....hey, teri_lee! If I didn't know better, I'd have SWORN that was you in the car behind me this morning.

Random yahoo IM's can be so funny...someone added me to their IM list at some point yesterday just becaue they liked my SN...and felt like telling me that they are a witch. Sure, why not?

Quick shout to erotocism: thanks for being my friend. You rock like Spock.

*sigh* Delerium is playing tonight, here in portland, and I have not the money to go, due to other fundage drain in the last couple months. Dammit, they never tour, and probably never will again...and to make matters worse, kespernorth saw them last night up in Seattle, ands says they were fantastic. Damn.
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Smackdown (Anger)

Stupid Stupid Stupid

OK, something new that I get anoyed by.

Now, I know Yahoo has thsi whole 'offline message' thing. And I can see the usefulness of it, being able to leave a note for someone, even if you can't see like an answering machine. Besides, you gotta do that, since everybody and their brother logs into Yahoo as "invisible"...nothing like a community full of people, on a chat client, that don't want you to know they are there. IM Voyeurs? You make the call.

Anyway, so, fine, offline messages. However, like anything that can be useful, humans manage to make it into something stupid. Christ, I've seen people go through entire conversations over several days through offline messages...and I'm not talking important plans, just bullshit. Hell, I got an offline message this morning that simply said "Hello". No follow up, just 'hello'. if this was to see if I was online or not, then there should have been one following, saying 'guess you aren't there, blah blah' or something...which of course, is what you have to do since everybody and their brother logs into Yahoo as "invisible"...did I say that already? Hmmm, must really bug me.

Here's a wild concept: you're on a chat client to talk to people, so how about showing when you are there, and save the offline messages for something that you need to tell but can't wait? "But Frank, " you whine, "when I'm not invisible, I get annoying and disgusting random IM's and stuff!" Boo-fuckin'-hoo. Gee, there's this little 'ignore list', maybe you've heard of it? Let's you block people you don't like? I know, I know, it's SO hard for you to do the one or two clicks it takes to ignore someone. My heart bleeds for you, really, it does. Oh, wait, that's not blood from my heart, it's bile from my stomach.

Wow, I'm in a randy mood this morning, huh? Happy Weekend to you all!
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Yesterday's Poll

OK, I should be upfront honest...I did that poll because I used the term 'one-cheek sneak' in front of Dianna, and she just collapsed, having never heard it. It surprised me, I thought that was a classic, so I figured I'd get a good cross-section.

Wow. I guess things really were different in my childhood, where I come from. Sounding old? Yup, right here, buddy.

So, for the benefit of all the no answers, here are some definitions:

~ "Digging For Green Gold" - a third of you didn't know that this is a term from inserting your index digit (pick a hand) into your nasal cavity and rooting around until you find something...or, in layman's terms, picking your nose. (23 to 13)

~ "Over-The-Shoulder Boulder Holder" - only kellibunny and woap were unfamiliar with this pubescent teen reference to the woman's undergarment worn to support and give contour to the breasts, the brassiere. (34 to 2)

~ "Bakin' Brownies" - a close race, but two more of you were unfamiliar with this phrase than knew it. Come on, this was in South Park, season 1 (Aliens capture Kyle's little brother)...I'd have thought that alone made this euphemism for the smelling of anal vapours (*snifsnif* "Somebody's bakin' brownies!") more well-known. (16 to 18)

~ "Under-The-Butt Nut Hut" - an even closer race, but one extra vote gave the unfamilair the lead. afrodite79, you are correct in your guess that this is a reference to the male safety support garment, the jockstrap, usually said by females in reference to the 'boulder holder' comment. (17 to 18)

~ "One-Cheek Sneak" - Well, it was a close one, but the ratio of 17 to 18 again pops up, in slight favor of the unfamiliarity of this classic comment. O, how the mighty have fallen...ah well, no great loss. For those not in the know, have you ever had to fart, and been in a position of not really wanting to let it rip for various social reasons? You can't hold it in without cramps, and besides, you know it'll just build up and be worse later, so what do you do? Well, Miss Manners might not tell you, but you know: you lean slightly to the side, lifting one rump-cheek slightly, allowing it to escape as quietly as possibly...congratulations, you've just performed The One-Cheek Sneak.
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Getting Old (Suckage)

Suburban Subterranean Fortress

Much thanks to erroneousfelon for the link...Man, I want this house.

EDIT: a later convo...

SatanasExMachina: Isn't that just the bomb?
sayaka: Huh huh.
sayaka: Was that an intended pun?
sayaka: ;)
SatanasExMachina: LMAO
SatanasExMachina: No, I didn't even notice...yeeesh, must be getting old.
SatanasExMachina: I so want that house...a pre-built lair to start my world takeover!
sayaka: Yeah... in LYNDEN.
sayaka: ;P
SatanasExMachina: Yeah, well, nothing is perfect.
SatanasExMachina: Besides, once I get the rolling start made, I'll move to a volcano or something.
sayaka: It's the perfect place for Cool Suburbanite Frank and Mad Scientist Frank to live in harmony.
SatanasExMachina: Damn right
SatanasExMachina: Barbeque and world terrorism, all in one abode.
The Mask (Laughing)

How To Realize You Are About To Get Nailed By The RIAA

If you've been trying to figure out how you can tell you're about to be nailed by the RIAA, and you don't want to fork out one cent, look no further.

11. All the files in your favorite MP3 play list are now "Lars Ulrich sings 'Feelings'"
10. Your KaZaA rating changes to "Defendant"
9. Eminem insults your mother in his next single
8. Recording Industry Association of America president Hillary Rosen sends you e-mail messages with embedded .wav files of heavy breathing
7. All the spam in your inbox is from Motion Picture Association CEO Jack Valenti
6. You get a bill retroactively charging you 99 cents per downloaded track. Total bill: $29,700
5. A Tommy Mottola screen saver suddenly pops up on your computer
4. Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer picket your home with signs that read, "Piracy don't pay my bills"
3. You receive a request from someone using outdated hacker wannabe slang claiming a friend said you could "hook me up" with the latest Snoop Dogg album
2. You suddenly have numerous songs from someone named Avril Lavigne

And the number one way to know...

1. CD-shaped crop circles appear in your backyard
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Smackdown (Anger)

What Have You Done To My Muppets?

OK, I'm going to come right out and say, up front, that this shouldn't piss me off as much as it does...and I can't really explain why it does. So, don't bother telling me this, as I already know it.

Have any of you heard of the show 'Muppets Tonight'? Somehow, even though it aired back in '96 and '97, I missed it completely (just shows how long I've been basically boycotting TV). For those that missed this, it was a 'new' Muppet Show, with a few of the original characters (I stress few) and a shitload of new ones, and instead of the old 'Vaudeville'-style setting, it is done as a late-night talkshow. The only reason I ran into it is that Di was downloading Prince videos, and happened to find the one on which he was the guest-star.

It took almost no time at all before a dark annoyance came over me. Seeing stupid comments, 'trendy' characterizations, and barely disguidsed replacements for old standbys, much less the fact that it didn't have half the depth (yes, I'm describing 'The Muppet Show' as occasionally deep) of the original but was more than happy to toss in quick, pointless humour of the type I'm used to seeing out of the present generation of video entertainment...well, I just snapped. I literally had to leave the room.

What is with this generation? Is nothing classic? Is nothing off-limits to being raped and set back out in a new sweater? Apparently, the "entertainment" industry is no longer able to make new things, only to try and recreate old ones...and badly, at that, as they don't have the vision that the original had, only the dollar signs in their eyes. How many movies do you see that are sequels. and bad ones at that? How many TV series that are spinoffs and updated remakes, or obvious retellings of classic tales? How many artists that you immediately define by the 6 others like them? How many children's movies are straight-to-video sequels that have nothing to really do with the original?

Just one more reason that, in my more private moments, I'm very socially nihilistic.