September 8th, 2003

Smackdown (Anger)

Your Tax Money In (In)Action

On September 2nd, 2003, a Marion County judge took the unusual step of firing two defense attorneys in a death penalty case that was set for trial next month. Circuit Judge Joseph C. Guimond removed Karen A. Steele and S. Rose Jade, the lawyers for Robert Paul Langley Jr., after they said they were not ready for trial and needed a one-year delay. Guimond wrote in a letter to the attorneys that he was frustrated by the slow pace of the Langley case, which has been pending since December 2000, and that he no longer had confidence in Steele. "There is absolutely no reason for this court to believe that Ms. Steele or the defendant will be ready and willing to proceed with the trial of this matter if I continue it 12 months, 24 months or five years," he wrote. "There will always be some new matter or problem that will require a further reset of the trial."

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I Can Deal With That!

Which RPG system are you?

by Mr. Vimes

Considering the choices, that is definitely most me. I'd have hoped for AD&D, but considering whoever made the quiz only nodded to D&D in the newest d20 configuartion, ignoring TSR altogether, I wouldn't want it anyway...and they didn't even put Kult on the list. Bad mojo, man.