September 11th, 2003


I'm So Bored With The Osbornes

Any one else? I mean, I'm an old-skool rocker, I loved Ozzy's music, but never in all those years did I care anything about his family or home life...and then MTV decided to put the lot of them on the air, and all Hell broke loose. Suddenly, his kids think they are stars, show up everywhere, get record deals (while great bands languish in local scenes everywhere, unable to get discovered), and generally do everything they can to live the rockstar lifestyle. Suddenly everyone gives a shit about their personal lives. What the fuck? Who cares? Ozzy is a drugged out old Englishman, and the rest of his family are just people, nothing special. Still, I can't seem to go a week without hearing some story involving this bunch...and the sad part is that it's usually something REALLY stupid.

Take this story, for instance. It's Sharon Osborne, saying that she left Ozzy. Well, she left him back when Jack (17-year-old son) went into rehab. First off, what a sham. Jack says he was trying to kill himself because his mother had colon cancer...excuse me? Gimme a break...much less that he took a bunch of pills and drank some absinthe...that's not a reason to go to rehab, that's a trip to the ER (but trips to the ER don't get the press that rehab does!). On top of that, her cancer is in remission, geez. Anyway, Sharon says that around this time, The Oz-man was abusing alcohol and prescription drugs, and she couldn't take it anymore. How long has she been married to Ozzy? You'd think she'd be more shocked if he DIDN'T (but that doesn't get press either!). So she left, and he immediately stopped the drinking, etc...but she wanted to make sure it was real and that he was on a roll, so she stayed gone for a whole 4 days. Shit, in the Hollywood world, that's not leaving your mate, that's a weekend retreat with your yoga guru, or a mud bath spa, or something. On top of all this, what does the article make a point of mentioning? That Sharon's about to start hosting her own syndicated talk show. *groan*

Can we get back to slightly more important things? Do we HAVE to dwell on these people, and keep giving them the screentime that they so desparately are begging for?
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Yet Another Reason I'm Glad I No Longer Live In Seattle

So, get this: Seattle needs money for pre-school and daycare programs. That sounds like a worthy cause, and with the liberal attitude of Seattle, you'd think they'd would support it. Now, the time-honored and classic way of making more money for things is to raise taxes or to tax something new. Most of the important things are already taxed, so something had to be found that wasn't taxed already, and that meant a luxury item. Seattleites are HUGE gourmet coffee drinkers (you can't swing a dead cat in Seattle without hitting three coffee bars...and splattering at least 2 more), so that seems logical, right? Besides, people that spend, say, $2 to $5 on a coffee drink can certainly afford an extra dime tax.

Apparently, the liberal attitude doesn't extend to their coffee.

I love some of the quotes in this article about the outcry (color added by me):
"This is not a luxury," 34-year-old tech support worker Rob Marker said solemnly, hoisting his iced vanilla mocha on the sidewalk outside the hip cafe Coffee Messiah. "Here I am, forced to pay more for my basic necessity to fund irresponsibility."

Security guard C. J. Lessig, between sips of her iced coconut mocha, agreed: "It's a way of life, man!"
Now, keep in mind, that "Initiative 77" would tax only espresso drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, not drip coffee - even proponents understand that caffeine is a basic food group here. So you aren't being taxed for coffee, but for the luxury of fancy-schmancy extra stuff. You don't like it, stop with your double-mocha quad-shot soy-milk, extra-foam, half-caff latte (with a flavor shot) and go drink some Folger's. Meanwhile, the tax is expected to raise somewhere around $3.5 million annually, and, as initiative sponsor John Burbank, executive director of the nonprofit Economic Opportunity Institute, says, given Seattle's love of espresso, it's basically recession-proof.

What we apparently have here is a bunch of freaks who are willing to shell out insane prices for COFFEE, but not willing to shell out an extra dime on top of what they pay for this crap. Hey, I'm just as big a supporter of putting an end to this rampant and pointless production of children that cannot be taken care of, but the ones that are here don't deserve to be the brunt of this assault.
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Smackdown (Anger)

Holy Aroma, Batman

To: the guy in my parking lot fixing his car.

When I'm getting a headache from your aftershave from 40 feet away, as soon as I pull up, before I've even stopped my's time to consider wearing LESS.