September 18th, 2003

The Mask (Laughing)

Goofy Shite For Today

Man Arrested For 177th Time - Talk about a career criminal...out due to jail overcrowding. People, wake up, it's not time to build more prisons, it's time to rethink the Justice System.

And speaking of crime, have you ever wanted to just run over pedestrians randomly, for no reason other than that it's fun? I've been playing this for a good 20 minutes now, and I'm score so far averages around 175...Muah hahahahahahahahahahaha

New Music From The Prodigy

Man, this track kicks ass...just nice to see that the last five years haven't been bad for The Prodigy...if anything, they kick even more ass.
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    Prodigy - Baby's Got A Temper