September 22nd, 2003

The Mask (Laughing)

Come Out And Play

OK, sure, why not...I'd play with a Buddha doll. Note that, here at "The God", the Jesus and Moses dolls are in bizness, but the Buddha doll is still forthcoming. Note also the absolutely adorable little whitebread chickadee that seems a little bit overwhelmed by her closeness to The Enlightened One...and also be sure to see the God Squad's animal pals, Freedom The Eagle and SamSun the lion.

Is there a reason why they go out of their way to tell you that the clothing on these dolls is removable? Sick, sick bastardos. On the other hand, while Jesus and Moses "Come 2 Play", Moses, not being a deity and therefore not bound by Cosmic Law, gets the unique distinction of being able to "Come 2 Rock". Yeah, Mo, rock on wit' you bad self "Worshippers of Christ...Let's get ready to get HUMBLE!!!!!!!"

Could someone enlighten me on why Moses is running around with a hockey stick? Yes, I'm willing to accept the zipper hoodie, but why would someone hanging around the Gobi Desert be carrying ice hockey gear? Wishful thinking, perhaps?

Quit Your Whinin'

I'm taking Di to work and Erik to school this morning, and the radio show we happen to be on is going on and on at length about the woman on the air (her name is Preva), and whether or not she's willing to flash her tits at another of the jocks. This went on for a good twenty minutes, if you can believe this, and finally ended up with her agreeing to do it...for five thousand dollars. They talked her down from 10 large, if you can believe that she actually suggested that...part of her justification was that she and her fiance just bought a house, and she would like the money, and besides, "they're really nice".


As if you can't go online at any moment and see more breasts than you could shake a stick at. Hell, you don't even need to be online, go down to your local grocery or convenience store and check the magazine rack, you'll see plenty. Spend five bucks, you can take them home and drool over them for weeks. Five large just to give a five-second chest flash? Cripes, their breasts, and that's it. Get over yourself. Hell, I know plenty of ladies who'd do it for free, just because they would have fun, and they're grown up enough to know it's not a big fuckin' deal.

Anyway, I guess this is just my way of shouting out to all you fine ladies who understand that skin is just one of those things you have and live with, and if you can't have fun with it, what's the point? Believe it or not, this is also a shout out to all those ladies who just wouldn't do it at all...good on ya, stick to your principles (as long as you aren't putting someone else down for doing it). No need to whore yourself out for advantage. You all rock.

Hmmm...after a mini-rant like this, maybe I should bop over to show_your_boobs. Or not.

Best Movie In A Long Time

OK, I don't care who you are or what you simply MUST SEE Shaolin Soccer. Yes, the name sounds corny...and it is. Start with a kung-fu hold that thought. In your other hand, pick up any sports know the type: the guy forms a team to try and take the championship, they do great because their style as a team wows everybody, and eventually they must go up against the evil team that has won ever since anyone can remember...the fight is hard, but in the end, they manage to pull off the greatest win of all time. OK, now, slap those two together, as hard as you can. Add in camera-work and choreography that come straight out of 'Crouching Tiger, HIdden Dragon' and 'The Matrix'. Just for kicks (as it were), give a lot of the 'special moves' that the soccer players pull off some effects on them, like some kind of live-action anime. Now, make the whole thing funny, and you're starting to get the idea.

Damn this flick rocked...I cannot begin to compliment it enough. Hell, the cinematography alone was worth it, and the beautifully overdone 'attacks' (burning soccer balls, whirlwinds, light trails, shaock waves) just added to the overall thing. PLease, PLEASE, PLEASE watch this movie.

Seriously, I'm begging. You won't be disappointed.

Sure, I'll Give It A Go

I like the sound of this, so at the risk of turning it into some kind of self-promoting meme, I'm reposting it. What the ego's not QUITE big enough yet, is it?


How would you write my personals ad? If I were to place an ad, and had to write a one paragraph description of myself--something honest but flattering--what would it say? I have no perspective and I thought it could be neat to see what my friends would say.

So... how would you describe me in one paragraph?
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