September 26th, 2003


Things That Go Bump In The Night

There are some sounds that you just shouldn't be hearing in the dark of the night. Like air-raid sirens, so far in the distance that you can almost convince yourself that you aren't really hearing them. Like the thick, bubbling, deep laughter of people who cannot possibly sound like they sound. Like the foorfalls of an animal heavy enough to shake the ground. Like shallow breathing just beyond your door, that quiets as soon as you try to listen closer.

Sometimes, I'm really glad that I'm well aware that I hallucinate.
Cry Blood (Hurt)

RIP Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer Dies Of Heart Attack At 54 -- Damn, he is an icon of my youth...go easy, Robert.

On a mildly related note: am I the only one disgusted with all the 'remembering John Ritter' crap? I mean, yeah, he did a shitload of movies/TV...but quantity doesn't make for quality. This was the man who never once seemed to have said, "I can't do this script, it's crap!". Johnny Cash, mega-star, powerful singer and icon since the early sixties, dies...and there's the usual little sighs of loss and everyone moves on. Ritter, crap actor since the early seventies, dies the day before...and every damn magazine is going on and on about him, cover stories and tearful tributes, blah, blah, blah, yackity schmackity.

Look, John was OK. He wasn't great, and maybe he wasn't bad, but he was just fact, I've seen very few people that I'd classify as quite so OK.
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