September 27th, 2003


Shout Out

Been so busy with my own shite the last few days, i see I missed sending a birthday shout out to one of my fave ladies, dear kelkitten, who I swear I'm looking up if I ever manage to travel down that way again. Hope it was a great day, darlin'!

At Long Last

Things kicking in, that make me happy:

~ I see that dravengodvamp and his krewe made it back to Texas safe and sound...though it appears to have been Hell getting there. Still, they're there, and safe, and that's what matters.
~ After 4 straight days of continuous downloading , I finally have the first four LEXX films, the original ones from back when it was just known as 'Tales From A Parallel Universe"...yeah, this means very little to most of you, but it means a shitload to me. Hey, polarbear! Did you ever get that DVD burner? If so, we need to talk...
~ Various little things that weren't working are now doing fine, which makes me VERY happy...and one BIG thing that wasn't good may be turning around, just have to wait and, I hate waiting.

Anyway, here's to ya all.