September 29th, 2003


Beautiful Work

Yes, I like playing with PhotoSHop, but I'm also aware of my rather meager talents. No, don't any of you comment telling me that I'm great...I'm Not. I'm quite aware of this, and perfectly happy with what I can do, and I just try to improve as time goes on. I see plenty of sites out there devoted to PhotoShop work, like, where you'll see everything from the incredible to the mediocre, but every now and then I run across some site that just impresses the Hell out of me.

Take a few minutes and dig through the galleries over at Human Descent.

*thanks to ibdreamy for the link!*
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Losing Something In Translation

Now, I'm not here just trying to bash Christianity. FRankly, if you read me enough, you should know this, but i do still get the occasional comment from some uptight, close-minded bastards who are so caught up in their own beliefs that they forget they can't prove anything, sand thus should remain at least a little open to other ideas. But enough of that.

An interesting article I wanted to post for you guys to read: 'What A Difference A Word Makes'.

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Remember that it's faith, kids, not fact, regardless of your particular religious leanings...and it's no more valid than anyone else's. Don't take it too seriously. You can bve a good person without needing a scapegoat.
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Graphically Speaking

Got a new card done over at ljtarot of our Head Honcho, bradfitz, no less.

Speaking of graphics, I gotta send a shout out to discordian, who sent me the mouse pad. Why is that so special, you ask? This is a mouse pad from the company he's involved with, the one whose corporate logo I designed last year. The mouse pad is one of the ones they have around the office, with the logo I created on it...and that's just way too cool. Man, seeing your artwork actually being used, and seeing it in a form that you know plenty of others will see...that just feels ASS-KICKIN' GREAT!!!!