October 3rd, 2003


If Iraq Was A Game Show, We'd Take Home The Consolation Prize

We claimed Saddam had WMD. We went over and invaded his country. We shot the place to shit. We searched and searched for months, and came up empty-handed, for the most part. We started discovering that the CIA's info might not be so accurate on the ol' WMD front. And now?

Now, Kuwaiti security authorities have foiled an attempt to smuggle $60 million worth of chemical weapons and biological warheads from Iraq to "an unnamed European country", a Kuwaiti newspaper said on Wednesday. The pro-Government Al-Siyassah, quoting an unnamed security source, said the suspects had been watched by security since they arrived in Kuwait and were arrested "in due time." It did not say when or how the smugglers entered Kuwait or when they were arrested.

The paper said the smugglers might have had accomplices inside Kuwait. It said Interior Minister Sheik Nawwaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah would hand over the smuggled weapons to an FBI agent at a news conference, but did not say when. Government officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

Apparently, we were all too occupied seeing just how far we can shove our thumbs up our asses to find those.

Source...and much thanks to stig_mata for the link.
The Mask (Laughing)

Somehow, I Don't Think So

Archmage (Arnold Schwarzenneger) is a recovering alcoholic with a heart of gold. His friend, Randy (Ben Affleck), shows up at his door one day needing his help. Soon, Archmage and Randy meet Isabel (Charlize Theron). The two quickly fight over Isabel's affections. Isabel dies of cancer, and the doctor, Justine (Bridget Moynihan), helps Archmage get over the pain.

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I don't see Ah-nold playing me...nowhere NEAR the right size, and completely wrong voice. But I'd happily beat the snot out of Ben Affleck, whether or not Charlize Theron or Bridget Moynihan was involved (though that's a definite plus!).
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