October 10th, 2003

Getting Old (Suckage)

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Part The First

Finally went to the doctor for my shoulder yesterday...christ, what a circus. I realize that, as it was the first time this doc has seen me, he wanted to do a basic physical, but sheesh. It was all I could do not to shout out "could we get to the reason I came here, please?!?" All sorts of crap, including an electrocardiogram for whatever reason, and he started in on my potential cholesterol levels...come on! Seemed like I went through everything but the 'white glove treatment'...guys, you know what Imean.

The conclusions, eventually, were that I may have a torn rotator cuff, and his only thing to do right this moment is send me in for a cortizone injection, to kill some of the pain for a while...but I'm bagging on that. I've lived with this for more years than I can remember, and a little longer isn't a big deal. DOing this would just be a drain on my time and resources and theirs. I don't want a stop to the symptoms, I want a stop to the problem.
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Bad Guy (Tough Words)

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Part The Second

Today marks this year's beginning of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, so I'm pretty damn geared up...hee hee! Should be a great time...the main guest that was supposed to be there this year is apparently not gonna make it, which sucks, but the festival will still kick ass.

Let me bring something up that's pissing me off at the moment. When I say something, or comment to a post, or whatever, I mean exactly what I say...and no more. This means that I'm not implying something else, or using it as a way to make a snide comment about someone without coming out and saying it. If I have something to say to someone, I'll tell them directly...these stupid little games people want to play are just that: STUPID. This may be an odd concept among humans, but it's one more people need to adopt. Don't go reading into something more than what is there, and don't try to mean something without saying it...if you have any balls at all, speak your mind, DIRECTLY. I've had more than one instance lately where someone took a knee-jerk reaction to something I said, took it to mean something entirely different, and attacked me for it, all apparently without bothering to think. Kids, please, your brain is so important and so useful...try USING IT.

(*Note that the above mini-rant about stupid people does not apply to one particular situation that arose in the last couple of days between me and a friend, and which we have spoken about and cleared up, for which I am very glad. A good example of how to handle things, the person brought their feelings directly to my attention, and we were able to clear up the misunderstanding...without drama. See? It IS possible.*)

The other thing that's annoying me to no end is this tendency for people to ignore causality and responsibility. We see a problem, or somethign we dislike, and, after finding something we think is a cause or reason, we jump on it with all four paws, tear it to shreds mindlessly, and sit back, feeling good about it. You've got to explore every angle, kids...you have to see the factors. VERY RARELY is anything quite that simple or cut and dried; causality doesn't work that way. Factors come together to create a sitruation, and if you only consider one facftor, you aren't fixing the problem. There are multiple things responsible for things, and you must realize them all. You can't stop just because you followed a link to it's most recent connection, you have to follow it back to the source.

OK, enough ranting for the moment. Today and tomorrow (and Sunday) promises to be seriously rockin', I have a great friend hanging out, I have new games...I'm not adding any more bullshit to the pile.
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