October 21st, 2003


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Meme, arriving by way of wolfye:

This week, I have mostly been:
Reading: "A Night In The Lonesome October" and "Bring Me The Head Of Prince Charming" by Roger Zelazny and "Stil Weird" by Gahan Wilson
Listening: everything, as usual, but lots of Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets, Luxt, and Bionic Jive
Playing: Max Payne 2 and Chaser
Researching: jester pictures and Klingon fonts
Writing: captions
Applying: for jobs I won't get
Making: copies of software and games
Being: happy at the prospect of a Luxt concert, then annoyed at seeing it cancelled
Seeing: the sun...BLEAH
Believing: the weather gods are crazy
Planning: for my physical therapy in a couple days
Deciding: to drop soda completely from my diet
Pushing: furniture
Wanting: cold weather
Chastising: idiots...don't I always?

... and the meme is, you add a trigger word of your own and continue on, so mine is:

Destroying: old computers
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