October 27th, 2003

Jet (Cowboy Bebop)


So, I took a look over at GreatestJournal yesterday, just to see what was happening (I like to keep an eye on all the LJ knockoffs). I have to give them credit, they have some nice things...which may bite them in the ass eventually, depending on their funding.

For instance, at the moment, icon size may be up to 60 kb, and they claim you may have 1000 of them...which seems a little crazy. Also, they offer you hosting for up to 1000 pictures, maximum dimensions size of 1600x1024 and 60k (I dunno about you, but it's hard for an image of that size to be only 60kb or less). Still, for minor pic posts, that's cool. No paid accounts, all free (for now, anyway).

Now, the downside: ad-supported. Yep, you knew they had to be paying for this somehow. Other than journal pages, every internal page is emblazoned with an ad-bar across it.

So, I'll stick to my beloved LJ. I did go ahead and register 'archmage' there, and may use it for the occasional post with pix, linked back into here (not remote linked, they're pretty nasty about that...not blaming them, really), but I don't see it becoming anything I use on a regular basis.
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