October 29th, 2003


Bring Back The Beard!

I've been saying this for a long time, as most of you know. Beards are distinguished, beards are beautiful. Ladies, you should love a man with a beard: beards show a committment to making things work, and putting time into something. Guys, c'mon: anyone can drag a razor across their face everyday, but it takes a bit of art and style to craft a really good beard. Bring back the beard, I say!

Anyway, I'm now deferring my unofficial 'Bring Back The Beard Society', as I've found someone doing it for real. Thank you so much to thndrchld for the link to the National Beard Registry. You better believe my beard is now registered!

For those that haven't seen it (I've changed it ever so slightly), my registration pic can be seen here.
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Burn The World


Well, this is it...the day has arrived. 1:45 PST, I go in for the shot, and hope for the best. I have a feeling I'll be a Grumpy BastardTM for the next coupla days, but we'll see. Gee, as if my shoulder doesn't hurt enough NOW...

Ended up spending something like 3 hours flipping thorugh pix over at
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Well, this is it...the day has arrived. 1:45 PST, I go in for the shot, and hope for the best. I have a feeling I'll be a Grumpy Bastard<sup>TM</sup> for the next coupla days, but we'll see. Gee, as if my shoulder doesn't hurt enough NOW...

Ended up spending something like 3 hours flipping thorugh pix over at <a href="http://www.boners.com" target"_blank">Boners.com</a> last night. After reading Erik his bedtime comic (more "Lobo", but tonight we start on some "Judge Dredd"...I'm definitely the world's coolest stepdad!), Di was laying on the bed, and promptly passed out..this was like 9:15. Somewhere around 11:30, she woke up long enough to get comfy and go back to bed, so I guess SHE'S well-rested today...which is more than can be said for me. man, i slept for shit.

Ah well, life's rough, get a fuckin' helmet, right? Better get some game in while I can, I have a feeling that after this thing gets shoved in my rotator cuff, I'm not gonna want to do a lot of movement.
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Cry Blood (Hurt)


Well, OK, that's done. Not too bad, really, but, then, I still have anaesthetic working in there.

I swear, doctors apparently don't actually read those notes that they leave in your file, if they are from another doctor. I get in there, and I have to explain all over again what I'm there for, who I saw, what they did, and what they concluded...all while he's sitting there holding my medical records. It's bad enough that his name was Dr. Garrison, and I was imagining him with a puppet on his hand the whole time. He proceeds to re-examine me, and determine that, yes, that sounds like the problem...DUH. So he leaves, and a nurse comes in to 'get things ready', which just means filling the syringes. Yes, more than one...sheesh.

She leaves, he comes back (must be nice to have someone to do all your shitwork), and proceeds to chat with me about my work while sticking me with the first needle, rooting around in the uscle, which isn't exactly pleasant, but not a big deal. That one was full of xylocaine, so the second one doesn't hurt as much, which is good, since he REALLY let's that one wander around in there (mixture of the cortizone and more xylocaine). Finally, he decides he's had enough fun and finishes up, and I'm outta there.

Arm is a little achy at the moment, but not too muich more than usual. Once the anaesthetic wears off, it will get worse until the cortizone kicks in (which he claims may take as much as a week before it really sets in...yay, fun). If it's not doing it's work, I go back in a month for a second one, otherwise I should be groovy. Wait and see, I guess.
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Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

More Changes

Almost forgot to mention the other thing that's different.

Not only have Di and I cut down our soda intake form going thorugh a good 5-6 2 liters a week down to maybe one or two total beverages a week, I just crushed out my final cigarette. Yep, I'm quitting smoking. Always said I'd quit when I was 30, so now's as good a time as any.
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City On Fire

Religion And The State

So, apparently Bush gave a Ramadan dinner tonight, at the White House. Good for him I say...this is not about Bush.

Just got me thinking: Most of the truly bloody wars in this planet's history have involved differign religious views, to one extent or another. OK, let's keep that thought in mind for a minute. Now, most of the countries that we will end up dealing with are NOT Christian. So, add those two things together, and hold on to that for another moment.

Now, look at all the brouhaha that goes into your average political commercials. The info you glean form them basically boils down to three facts:
One: the person's party affiliation (which is the only part that matters to most people, sadly)
Two: Why they hate their opponent
Three: What a good, God-fearing family man he is
Ignoring the inherent problem with that alone for now (that's a whole 'nother rant!), here's what this ends up boiling down to: we elect people to these positions of power who are deeply religious, and then we expect them to deal with the rest of the world, who has either screwed up and done the same thing, or didn't have a choice in their ruler, which tends to mean they even heavier on the 'religious zealot' scale.

Is it any wonder our world is in conflict? Wouldn't it make more sense to elect an atheist, or, even better, an agnostic? Someone that can not only respect another's views on this stupid subject, but can bypass them in favor of getting to the issue at hand and SOLVING IT in a calm and rational manner, without a lot of mumbo-jumbo getting in the way of a pewrfectly good solution?

Look at the major conflicts in the world today: Isreal vs.Palestine and Us vs. The Middle East. The conflict between Isreal and Palestine boils down to this: both want to lay claim to a chunk of land as "holy ground" and those who are in it won't let the others in. IT'S DIRT, KIDS...WHO CARES?!? The Middle East sees us as the 'Great Satan', and we see them as a bunch of loonies, so they terrorize us and others, attempting to do...what? Well, no one's really sure, but I'm guessing that since they cannot win an actual war with us, they're just gonna needle us as much as they can. Why? Because our gods are not their gods.

I'll say it again: WHO FUCKING CARES?!? Believe what you want to believe, you have my support...but the moment you say that someone else's beliefs are wrong, you've failed the test. Until you can come up with some proof that your god is the "real" god, and your god is who you think he is, then you have nothing but a dream. Religion is a dream, kids, that's all. It's pretty, and you can get someone to tell you what it means, or you can try and figure out what it means on your own, but you have NO FACTS...it doesn't exist anywhere but in YOUR HEAD.

Any other time someone tries to say what's in their head is real, we lock them away as crazy. Think about it.