October 31st, 2003


Shout Outs

Dual shout outs today. First one goes out to necrobutcher for his birthday (as listed), and to velvetacidgrrrl's son, Ian, on HIS birthday.

Secondly, it's Halloween, that most special and beautiful of holidays. Now, don't let the corporate/governmental world fuck this up...they've already got a foothold in screwing up Halloween. I beg you and implore you to work against it.

There was a a time when Halloween meant dressing up in costumes, going out AT NIGHT for trick-or-treating, and scaring the bejeezus out of anyone and anything you could. Nowadays, i see more and more articles on "safe alternatives" to going out, and when kids DO go out, it's still light out...and let's not forget all the PC-bullshit about being non-threatening.

Excuse me? Christ, no wonder we have such pussified children, raising them around this kind of crap.

(*side note: I'm eating Little Debbie Glazed Mini-Donuts...and they leave the strangest taste in your mouth, like they are coating your mouth in plastic. Avoid them in the future.*)

You know why we do things like that? Because we are afraid. Why are we afraid? We've heard too many stories about things that happened. However, we don't stop to consider that for every one of those stories, there are literally MILLIONS of kids who are just fine. We also don't seem to ever get to the point of fighting back, we just cringe in our caves going, "well, that's bad, let's just find an alternative." Never mind that those alternatives are STUPID, never mind that, as citizens, we could be working AGAINST it and solving the PROBLEM, not just going around it.

Everyone who shelters their child against the slings and arrows of the world, letting them learn how to quit and cringe in fear, instead of allowing them to experience them, letting them learn how to cope and handle things, makes me want to vomit blood.
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(no subject)

I see there's an online petition that has just started to make it's rounds, basically saying that the undersigned feel that their paid LJ accounts have, of late, not been worth it.


First off, let me say that, as a permanent user, I haven't felt bad about my service. Yes, it's occasionally slowed down, and I've seen the occasional problem, but even when I was paid and free before that, I saw these things, noting that they were infrequent. Also, I've been aware, since the beginning, that this is a volunteer-run deal, and that. as such, these people are making my site work, ad-free, on their own time. Thus, I'm happy for their work, happy enough to deal with the occasional hiccup. Add to that the fact that I keep up with the lj_maintenance community, and thus am generally forewarned about things happening, or at least I've got explanations soon after.

The petition also says that if LJ cannot handle the traffic generated by the free users, then maybe it's time to make LJ a paid-only service, or at least time to limit free users. Now, it's true that, as of today, 94% of LJ is free (Those of us paying for it are carrying the rest of you. Come on, it works out to $2 a month, for a year...once a month, eat a peanut butter sandwich instead of fast food for lunch, and you're in the clear). But anyway, I have to agree a little, but I understand. The site isn't gonna go anywhere unless it grows, and to make it do so, you have to improve things...which means dividing your time. besides, they're hoiping to bring in more people who will PAY for an account, since all of YOU guys apparently aren't gonna do it.

Whatever. I think signing a petition for this is even more pointless than the normal online petition. Besides, as stated, my account works fine...I'm not unhappy. If you think you, as a paid user, might want to sign, that's your prerogative...but stop and think about the situation before you do, will ya?
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Enjoy Your Evening

zombiedip and I are off to the Nocturnal to see 'Stovokor' play (that's strangewink's band, for those who don't know). If you aren't doing anything else, consider coming out, it promises to be a helluva show.

18th and Burnside -- Website
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