November 1st, 2003


Quote For The Day...And A Case Of Influence

Quote: "I'm not comparing, I'm complaining!" - zombiedip
Influence: Bug wanted to be Lobo for Halloween, but he's with his father this year, and I know for a fact that his father and grandmother don't have the first idea who or what Lobo is, so I've been giggling all week, thinking about Bug trying to describe Lobo to these to mental midgets. Well, last night, DI called him (as she does every night he's away from us, to tell him goodnight), and she asked him if he had a good time going out for Halloween. Talking to him for a moment, we discovered that Bug did NOT actually do Lobo...but apparently, he tried to dress up as CTHULHU! Even he said that it didn't look good, and he looked more like a 'crazy poopie monster', but, that's too funny. That is SO my kid, sometimes. ;)
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Smackdown (Anger)

Bands, Music, And People I Hate

Hey, kids...bear with me, I'm tipsy. OK, let's rap.

First, let's talk about last night. Collapse )

For the show, I was originally gonna go as Lobo (of DC comics fame). I had the make-u8p, and the clothing is pretty close to what I normally wear. I even cut up a silver skull candle to make his belt. As it came time to get ready, though, I decided that wasn't gonna work, and started making up like Otis from 'House of 1000 Corpses'. That just wasn't working, though, and it got me pissed off, so I scrappe dit, added some black around the eyes and mouth, grabbed my stratchy skull-head, and off I went. Halfway through the night, I ditched it, but it looked pretty decent, all things considered.

Tonight, Di and I were supposed to go to a shindig thrown by one of her co-workers...something they do every year. Sounded like fun, and a live band there made us decide to go. I took it easy in the costuming department, wearing as much black and leather as possible, adding my executioner mask, and heading out. As it was BYOB, I grabbed a couple Foster's oilcans on the way there. On the good side, the band, 'Flash Point' was fabulous. Classic rock and blues covers (discordian, you'd have been in tears, I almost was, they sounded so much like us, even doing a lot of the same songs!), I enjoyed them immensely. On the downside, Di knew a grand total of ONE person there, and there was one whole other person who took a chance to talk to me, and all he said was "what are you supposed to be?"

That wasn't what got to me, though. The thing that did was this one fucking mud-sucking bitch-whore, a festering boil on the ass of humanity. At one point, as the band finished a song, in the resulting lull of a few seconds, she yells out "OK, everybody say what you have to say NOW! It's so hard to hear while the band's playing!" It was all I could do not to stand up and kick the shit out of this cow (no, I'm not calling her names, she was dressed as a cow). How incredibly inconsiderate. From that moment, I no longer wanted to be anywhere near her or any of the low-life shit-eaters that laughed at that. We ended up staying to listen to the band for several more songs and then walking out. Luckily, I don't know who that whore was, and neither does Di, and I told her not to let me know how it is, if she discovers.

Courtesy, kids, It's free, and it's such a good thing. The band is playing in one place...and everyone had foreknowledge that there would be a band there, it's on the invites, for fuck's sake! If you only came there to talk to the same people you talk to every day, go the fuck outside, or somewhere else, or something. You are the lowest form of life that ever crawled on the face of this green earth, and given the choice, I'd grind you into paste and smear you upon the rocks of the ocean, as you are fit only to be fed upon by the forms of life one step above you.

Yeah, I'm pissed. Dammit, I've been that musician, giving my heart and soul, playing my guts out, trying to put on a good show, and finding that my "audience" would rather chat amongst themselves than listen. That's fine, no one says you have to listen to my music, but expressing it is so low-class, it hurts. (discordian, you remember the Christmas party we played for What's-His-Name?)

Fucking humans...and people wonder why I get so nihilistic at times.
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