November 4th, 2003



Man, what a cool way to wake up...opened my eyes, checked my e-mail, and discovered that Brian Yuzna wrote me back. Kiiiiick ass.
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I'd have had these pix up earlier, but the FTP has been funky for the last two days. I did finally clean up the pix I took of "Stovokor" at their Halloween show, so if you'd care to see the menace and rock that is these Klingon metal masters, feel free to browse.

strangewink, be sure to give the rest of the guys this link!
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The Mask (Laughing)


Somehwere around 1:30, I was watching a Flash cartoon...and apparently, i fell asleep sitting up, right here in the chair, and just woke up about 20 minutes ago.

I guess the cartoon was pretty boring. ;)
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